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John Garcon

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Artist (Painting)
Born 1959

Born in Haiti, John is one of the leading afro-caraibbean artist . He demonstrated his exceptionnal talent in esthetic and the visual arts. Trained in such courses as design and music at the religious school ( St Jean L'Evangeliste), the young john opted to pursue painting. He began his career more than thirty years ago and received a solid academic background in the Arts.
Encouraged by his parents, both artists themselves, he began taking courses in graphics and Art History.and participating in numerous expositions and Seminars, particularly in North America. Pushed by his elevated sense of design and creativity, he depicts in his paintings subjects that shock the spectator by the depth of their reslism and their natural expressions. Inspired by the knowledge of ancient art. he is very much passionate of the Rubens, Rambrandt, Picasso...Balthus.
"My inspiration derives from Human nature, both his beauty and his defects. I see human figure from a philosophical point of view. This allows me to observe and capture his humorous nature, his pains and joys. Alll of which I find to be very intriguing."
John's painting project an image of more personal nature. His peers and Critics describes his style a being beyond the criteria of the modern art. the attribute to his works a united value by rejecting the principals of the figee" composition. John is an artist who freely exercices the dynamics of his creativity by using colors and tnes with simplicity. John paints also very beautifull Still Lifes.
"If my painting offer the world the possibility to appreciate and learn of my culture, I would have succeded in my task of projecting art in its purest form. After all, I consider myself to be a worker and actor of the Arts an artistic ambassador to the world..."

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