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What's on the Easel, February 2022

What’s On The Easel

February 2022, Vol. IV, No. 2

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer


Another one bites the dust..

 I’m having fun with the nautical paintings of racing yachts. This one is titled “Vigilante Finishes First, America’s Cup, 1893.”



 The above piece evolved from several photos. The first is the black and white taken at the finishing line, the second is a nice, sunny sky with rolling clouds (which the record of the race confirms were the conditions) and the third one is a painting done by an artist around 1893 of the same boat (interestingly, his depiction is identical to the photo, he just changed the location, probably to include the British boat, Invincible, that lost the race, his painting was important to getting the rigging correct). Other photos (not shown) were essential to getting the shore line of the port at Portsmouth where the race began and ended.



 Io has decided I need close company when painting, real close. I usually use the white canvas to my right as a test area (when I’m not using the wall or door buck) but, he has claimed the space and joins me when I paint (already stepped in the wet paint once, nor pretty, tracked all over the studio floor);


Collateral damages…

 As usual, left over paint at the end of a session is put to use creating works for the Imagination series.


The first piece, “The Seven Angels of Revelation 8:2” is rather large for the series at 17” long. The second piece is titled “Stillsuit” (and, if you don’t already know what that is, you probably will soon).

 As if I didn’t have enough on my plate…

 I decided to open a virtual gallery, Fischer Galleries. The first exhibit is installed, called “I Am Not A Photographer” . It is a response to a good friend's corrected observation that I am not a photographer. Here’s the URL, take a look:


 Want an exhibit in one of my galleries (Judy, Andrew Lisa, Jan or anyone getting this newsletter)? Email me and we can talk. 

 Immortalized in art…

 Well, maybe not, but close. An artist friend, a sculptress, was admiring my portraits and lamenting she struggled with getting the three dimensional, sculpted look in a two dimensional painting and would I show her how? Of course, I said, and we struck up a deal, a barter. She has just delivered on her end…


Most excited to get the medallion and now we will work on my end of the deal.

 And, of course, Io gets the last word…


That’s all for now. Be well, be safe and ‘What’s on your easel?’




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