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Jerome Cholet

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Künstler (Collagen, Malerei)
Geboren in unbekanntes datum
"I want to move people, I want them to feel and enjoy"

ART INSPIRATION: Jerome's art is about capturing the essence, spirit, and energy of the world around him. Bringing it together, reflecting, mixing.

His main mean is mixed-arts / collage. He loves to divide and unite, giving things a new angle by fragmenting or assembling them.

Many of Jerome's paintings are distinguished by giving them a new twist, by taking new focusses, new perspectiuves, adding frames or colours.

He also is very interested in the expressive power of color and how certain colors can trigger different emotions.

ART COMMISSIONS: Jerome Cholet is available for Art Commissions.

DISCLAIMER: All of Jerome's artwork is hand made, so they have ripples, blobs, drops of paint, wrinkles, and bumps. For him art is organic, it arises from natural materials, it changes over time. He does not like clinically clean art, he likes change, maturation and decline. All three are part of life and his art.

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