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Jean Mirre

Linards, France
Artiste (Peinture, Arts numériques)
Né(e) en 1949
Stop consuming and make Art

A successful artist for many years, Jean Mirre’s eclectic style of painting has evolved through numerous distinctive phases—from miniature painting, to digital rock-and-roll art, to southern abstract landscapes, to figurative compositions to abstract expressionism. Here is an artist who does it all, and exceptionally well, appealing repeatedly to collectors in the US, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, England, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania and, of course, France. Many of his collectors possess multiple Mirre paintings, which show well as triptychs, diptychs or as singular pieces. One of the most remarkable aspects of his work is the poetic sense of joy and well-being conveyed to the viewer. “As a younger man, I wanted to be a poet, so I studied literature at universities in Paris, Dublin and London,” says Mirre. "Soon, I discovered that my true calling was to create poetry with visual art. These days, I have found peaceful expression in painting. Optimism is my most enduring state of mind and it spills out onto my canvases. I wish to share with my viewer the happiness I feel and to encourage him or her to focus on the positive, despite the negative energy that too often surrounds us. I believe we all have the power to shape our world. I choose to shape mine with optimistic, colorful images. That is my gift to the present and to the future.” Born in France, over the years, Mirre has shown in multiple locations including Paris, Versailles, Limoges and Dublin, as is a popular artist on throughout Internet, worldwide. Mirre lives in France with his inspiring cat Neige.

When I was young,I wanted to write poetry, but I couldn't, in fact I just couldn't write what I had in mind.So, I turned to painting,and,miracle!! I could express myself correctly.So, I still "write" poetry but with no words, colors instead, and it's fine to me.
I studied Art History all my life, went to galleries, museums, met artists, really got into that world, my world now.I love oil painting on canvas and I prefer large sizes.
I also paint acrylic on paper, I use ink..My great concern are colors really.Little by little, painting after painting,I get closer and closer to where I want to go:beautiful large colorful oil paintings. I enjoy life so much because I enjoy painting so much! Painting gives me pleasure and a smile on my face.

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