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Cervera del Maestre, Spain
Artist (Painting)
Born 1963
De Souza Gallery

Kesín's body of work is a kaleidoscope of his individual perception of the world. His subjects, ranging from autobiographical and sociocultural musings to general concepts, are deconstructed and reassembled on the canvas into a captivating interplay of colour, form, and texture.
Drawing on ideas from early abstraction, cubism and constructivism, as well as inspiration from the concept of simultaneity and Hodgkin's associative abstraction, his paintings are a mesmerising fusion of influences.
Kesín's life has been a journey of exploration, from his native Germany to the UK and Spain, and further afield to Russia and Uzbekistan. Through his early self-taught studies, a degree in cultural studies and later coaching by renowned lecturer and artist Sibylle Werkmeister, he is able to bring a unique and multifaceted perspective to his art.

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