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Ivan Byl

Moscow, Россия
Художник (Цифровое искусство, Картина)
Родился в 1982
In any work, the main thing is the original idea, not the skill of the artist

I am not a professional artist, drawing is my hobby. My drawings are electronic sketches that I make when a new idea is born in my head. Anyone who likes one of the sketches can save it to their computer or phone, and finish it, or change it, or make it more beautiful and print it out for themselves. The printed picture will become our common creativity.

My direction is digital conceptualism. My philosophy is the art of the idea. I work more with the idea itself than with its implementation, because I believe that a new interesting idea can be more beautiful at the level of thought even before its implementation. And implementation can not only strengthen the impression of the idea, but also extinguish the impression. Therefore, I try to make only General sketches that help to better understand the idea of the picture. Ideas are born in different ways, sometimes the whole picture appears in your head in a finished form, sometimes a new idea is born while drawing, sometimes after creating a picture. This is a creative process of imagination. Each person in his own way represents the embodiment of the idea, but the main idea of the picture is felt by everyone. I don't like strange cute pictures that don't have any idea, but only a combination of beautiful colors or techniques. In my sketches, the main thing is the name, because the name is based on the idea that I wanted to convey, and paint or other material is only its expression, which can only strengthen the impression, but this does not matter, since everyone sees the idea in their own way, and just need common features so that people better understand what the author wanted to say.

I think that painting does not have to cause only positive emotions, but the picture needs to move the person into a different reality in which people feel themselves in another world, and after returning from the other world (world of art) will start on another (new) to see things previously not thought of.

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