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Legnano, Italia

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Legnano, Italia

Iscritto dal 9 apr 2011
Ultima data di modifica: 6 dic 2020

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"L'Arte è una menzogna che ci fa raggiungere la verità.La verità si realizza oltre la tela, mai nella tela. Si realizza nel rapporto che la tela determina con il reale" (Picasso)

Presentazione & Biografia

Expressionist painter explores the materiality of the painting with the pigments of the oil colors, with the deep shades of the pastels, with the transparency of the watercolors, with the incisiveness of the designThe philosophy of his painting is the representation of ideas through images of tones of strong chromatic essentiality wrapped in a metaphysical universe unrelated to an explicit realism. They have the property of appearing "abstractly real". In its pictorial geography it recognizes the essential coordinates of an aesthetic expression, proposes the poetic affirmation of one's self as abandonment or as a power to give emotions the value of a perennial presence. His painting, while maintaining an introspective tension, welcomes the dialectic between the abstract and the figurative, the intersection between personal and symbolic narration, the representation of a moment in its infinite variety of expression, the participation of the inner "self" as a unique and unrepeatable act of the creative process.
Eclectic and versatile artist expresses his art and his style in fashion and design with the collections "The art of wearing art": materials, shapes, combinations of colors and shades create a sophisticated geometry that involves emotions from the combination of materials (fabric, metal, etc.) before being released in terms of visual, tactile and aesthetic perception.


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