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How was Impressionism born?

22 lug 2021 - 12 minuti di lettura

Second episode of our series dedicated to the Impressionist saga: Today, we take a look at the birth of a movement in brutal opposition with its time. 1860: between conservative academicism and disruptive impressionism: nothing goes right in the Art World.

Who inspired the Impressionists?

7 lug 2021 - 8 minuti di lettura

First episode of our series dedicated to the Impressionist epic: Discover with us the instigators of a revolutionary movement. Who impressed the Impressionists?

3 Emblematic Artists who Influenced Advertising

18 giu 2021 - 9 minuti di lettura

Art and advertising have a very close relationship. Embark with us on an artistic epic mixing fine arts and communication: when artists and their artworks offer their services to the consumer society.

Pride Month: 4 Legendary Artists Who Questioned Identity and Gender

11 giu 2021 - 6 minuti di lettura

To celebrate Pride Month 2021, Artmajeur has decided to honor legendary artists and their artworks that explore questions of gender and identity.

When Art meets Crime: 3 creepy stories about Art and Crime

28 mag 2021 - 9 minuti di lettura

Today Artmajeur takes you into the depths of human mind, where reason becomes clouded in favor of selfishness or madness. Hang on and join us to discover these three sordid and fascinating stories that mix torture, sequestration, murder and... Art.

5 Artistic Destinations in the Footsteps of Great Artists

21 mag 2021 - 9 minuti di lettura

This article is dedicated to art and travel enthusiasts. Through artworks of legendary artists - Van Gogh, Munch, Hopper, Monet and Friedrich - go on an adventure along new trails that will make you discover or rediscover high places of Art History.

Top 8 Weirdest Families of Art History

15 mag 2021 - 6 minuti di lettura

To celebrate the International Day of Families, we decided to make you discover 8 particularly curious family portraits. Through centuries and emotions, browse with us these different cocoons that will make you, for some, relativize your situation.

When Comics pays tribute to Masterpieces of Art History

7 mag 2021 - 10 minuti di lettura

Art and Comics, two disciplines that share as many common points as divergences. Let's discover together the borders that distinguish them and the bridges that bring them together: we take you on a great illustrated adventure.

4 Women Artists Overshadowed by their Husband's Fame

30 apr 2021 - 13 minuti di lettura

Unjustly relegated to the rank of simple muses, accomplices or impresarios, these artists' wives were above all artists. Today, we highlight four women who were arbitrarily forgotten for several decades, by fear or contempt.

All the Tips to take care of your Art Collection

23 apr 2021 - 6 minuti di lettura

Whether you choose to buy art as an investment or to satisfy your aesthetic quest, it's important to take special care in the conservation of your artworks to avoid damage due to time or irreversible mistakes. Today, we give you some essential tips to cherish your precious art collection.


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