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Improving The Neighbourhood By Decorating A 60 Meters Wall Over Two Weeks.
Roma, Italia | Varie

My name is Andrea Cardia and I am a painter...

...I’ve just been authorized by Rome Municipality for the decoration of the external wall belonging to the Institute Sorelle della Misericordia located in Via Via Alberto da Giussano, 89, Pigneto area in Rome.

Why do I want to do it? For different reasons:

Because it is my home neighbourhood, where I lived for the last years. Now I’m moving out from it and I want to leave something which can artistically and aesthetically improve it.

Because I like to paint on large surfaces… and I think that a 60 meters long and 3,5 meters high wall is really a very nice size.

It is certainly a demanding and complex work, both from a composition and an artistic point of view. However, its positive aspects, in terms of neighbourhood requalification, have to be highlighted; in many European cities it is already in common use to let artists decorate buildings’ walls or surroundings walls and finally this is starting in Rome as well.

As you can see from the sketches the work will represent some urban scenes pictured in the style I use for my series "Ominidi" and if some other artist would like to participate I’ll leave some blank spaces corresponding to the placards included in the scenes.

· Of course no one will finance this project and this is the reason why I am asking for funds here: I’ll use the money for the equipment and the raw materials:

· Several quarts paint buckets, colour cans (varnish, acrylic), buckets of liquid protective sleeve, cement, plasters (take a look at my paintings and you will understand), pasting brushes, painting brushes of different sizes, putty knives, tens of colour sprays.

· Furthermore, since I don’t live in the neighbourhood anymore, I’ll often have to pay for an accommodation.


· My perks will go from heartfelt thanks by email, to sketches, drawings and up to paintings.

· Shouldn’t I manage to reach the sum I’m aiming at… I’ll find a way to sort it out with what I was able to collect.

Even if I only have two weeks available (I’m allowed to occupy the public land from October 1st to October 15th), I am confident of a successful outcome by working from morning to night. The performance will be filmed and photographed and I will be updating with photos and videos both this page and my Facebook page progressively as the work goes on.

If you don’t want to or cannot donate offer money, you could anyway make a substantial contribution by spreading this out on the internet.

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Aggiunto il 07 nov 2014 da ANDREA CARDIA


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