Andrea Vandoni

Pittura, Disegno ... 910 Abbonati Iscritto dal 2017
Novara, Italia

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Novara, Italia

Iscritto dal 14 mag 2017
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Andrea Vandoni is an Italian painter born in 1972 in Novara, near Milan, the city where he currently resides and works.Since he was a child he showed his passion and his predisposition for drawing, took painting lessons, visited the best museums, art galleries and art cities in Italy; this is how his love for art and history is born and grows.Later he joined this also the love of music, obtaining his violin diploma at the Conservatory of his city and thus also performing as a musician.The artist studied and trained at the Scuola degli Artefici and the Scuola del Nudo of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, but always considering his true school the careful observation of the work of the great painters of all time who constantly nurture his artistic style, combined with continuous personal research.

Painting is for him the means to communicate himself.His artistic research and inspiration is focused on everything related to this experience that we call "Life", understood as the life that unites the humankind, in its totality, without temporal or geographical limits.Each side of this experience is worthy of investigation: from the most concrete, daily, domestic, to the most transcendent, metaphysical; from the current to the timeless, highlighting from time to time the curious, funny, ironic, provocative, poetic, moving, incomprehensible side.Painting therefore assumes a narrative task, becoming biographical from the autobiographical, general from the particular.The elements of this narrative can be identified in events of current relevance as well as in ancient subjects revisited in a modern key, or objects symbolizing human situations, or human figures object of psychological investigation.A figurative painting, therefore, of a relative, subjective, sometimes completely imaginary realism, defined as "super realism".The means necessary to express the concepts in painting and give strength to their meaning is for him the beauty, beauty that he seeks, paying attention to the composition, to the studied combination of colors, precise lines and volumes clearly defined by decided chiaroscuro, and seeking by these means the transparency in his works of a calm, deep and interrogative order.


1983-1993 Diploma di Violino Novara, Italia
1986-1990 Diploma Magistrale Novara, Italia