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Irina Bast

St. Peterburg, Russia
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born unknown date
I find my happiness in doing art. Each artwork is made with big inspiration and love.

My paintings have an original and unique style. 

Art is a part of my soul, my energy, my vision of the world. I consider myself a multi-faceted artist, I like to experiment with materials. I realized that I can create beauty not only with paints. I create three-dimensional artworks with volumetric elements. I work in two directions: mosaic paintings and wall sculpture art. I use decorative found objects, mosaic, plaster, wood, shells, crystals, gemstones, anything that can realize my ideas.

My art is full of life and joy. The main theme is a Woman, her life, thoughts, feelings, relationships with people and the world.

I'm proud to say that my artworks are in private collections in the USA, Canada, Italy, England, Russia, Austria, Japan, France, Portugal, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, China, Cyprus and other countries. The painting "Marie Antoinette" became part of the collection of the ArtMuse Gallery in St. Petersburg. 

* School of Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg, Russia)
* University of Psychology, master's degree in psychology and art therapy (Archangelsk, Russia)
- Courses:
* Contemporary Russian art (ММСI, Universarium, Moscow)
* Metaphorical Worldview (Moscow State University, Universarium)
* Painting of the 19th century (Arzamas, Moscow)
* Russian avant-garde (Arzamas, Moscow)

International exhibitions:

- !! The Other Art Fair Saatchi Art (8-29 November 2021)
- !! Online art show at Artsy (October 2021)
- !! Vatikam online exhibition, International Association of Designers. (October 2021)
- Affordable Art Fair (China, Hong Kong)
- Art Week Festival (Italy, Venice)
- Art Week Festival (Portugal, Lisbon)

Exhibitions in Russia:
- STARTinART (Moscow, Gallery K-35)
- Postmodern Space (St. Petersburg, HOUSE 2 Gallery)
- Russian Love (National production center Network, St. Petersburg)
- Young Saint Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Union of Artists)
- Museum Night Festival (St. Petersburg, Etazhi)
- GAMMA (St. Petersburg, Stepan Razin art manufactory)
- Women (St. Petersburg, Grace Center)
- Charity art marathon stART line (Moscow)
- Festival of artists (St. Petersburg, Etazhi)

* Publication in contemporary art magazines:
- Bonart cultural (Spain)
- Objectsmag (Rivista online indipendente, Italy)
- Poramoralarte (Spain)
* Diploma "The best works of the year-2016" (International Association VATIKAM, France, Paris)
* Diploma "The best works of the year-2019" (International Association VATIKAM, France, Paris)
* Special diploma for creativity (International Association VATIKAM, France, Paris)

* Billboard for the show August Whales, State Drama Theater (Committee of Culture and Tourism of the Government of the Leningrad Region)
* Laureate of the competition "Artification", project "Secrets", PBR Art Russia

* Billboard for an international competition Russian Art Week (World Fund of arts, the Government of Moscow artist Union of Russia)
* 7 paintings were laureates of Russian and international competitions

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