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Ioseb Nadiradze (SOSO)

Tbilisi, Georgia
Artist (Painting)
Born 1962

Born in 9 August 1962 Tbilisi Georgia
85.- Academy of Fine Art. Tbilisi Georgia.
Since 1985 leads creative work
93.- Cinema studio “Georgian Film” Works as a art designer of fallowing films:
Hawaiian Waltz - Director Z. Buadze
The Wall - Director Z. Buadze
Angels at the bedside - Director Z. Buadze
Beloved - Director M. Kalatozishvili
6 and 7 - Director G. Tsaava
1988 - Autumn Exhibition, State Gallery of Art. Tbilisi, Georgia
1995 - Akbank, Istanbul, Turkey
1996 - Gallery Faruk, Istanbul, Turkey
1997 - Rathouse Forchheim, Forchheim Germany
1997- Offenen Atelier Bamberg,Bamberg, Germany
2004 - Larissa Miller Gallery – Berlin, Germany
2005 - N- Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2007 - Hobby Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2008 - ChanceryArt Gallery, Bracebridge, Canada
2008 - Expo Art Montreal 2008, Montreal, Canada
2009 - Expo Art Toronto 2009, Toronto, Canada
2010 - Hobby Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2011 – Fine Art Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia
2011 - Vanda’s Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2011 - USA Ambassy, Tbilisi, Georgia
2011 - ChanceryArt Gallery, Bracebridge, Canada

2017 - "Red square" Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

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