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Inita Sabanska

Riga, Latvia
Artist (Painting)
Born 1970
Paintings is a way of thinking, portraying the outer world through your emotions and feelings prism.

Hello. My name is Inita. I am from Latvia. I've always been drawing since my earliest childhood. It was my world in which I lived, thought and felt.

I organised my first personal exhibition in 1993 at one Latvian school where I worked as a teacher. Since 1993, I have held at least one personal exhibition of my newest paintings every year in one of my country's cities. 

The main task for me was to find my own art handwriting and style, which is the closest to me, and which corresponds to my character and emotional hue. I've painted different genres and different themes-both realistic landscapes, portraits, abstract things, feelings and wrinkled topics. The gamma of my creative work is from realistic works to impressionistic artworks, cubism (attached works).

But the closest kind of art to me is the expressionist. I like to discover the emotional hue of an object or event in a strong and contrasted smear of colors gamma and colors without thinking about the realistic similarities. For me, it is the most important thing to display the emotional mood for a view of nature or an object. (a few paintings of the annex)

My paintings have been sold to individuals in different countries. I send out some paintings that have been sold.

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