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Inge Thøgersen

Viby j, Denmark
Artist (Painting)
Born 1956
colorful paintings

I have a studio nearby my home in Aarhus- the second biggest town in Denmark. We are 8 visual artists in a work and exhibition community in beautiful green surroundings. In addition, I also have a home workshop at home in my garden.  I have been painting for the past 30 years, but I have always worked with creative expressions with different materials. Until recently, I also worked as a family therapist, and I found that art and therapy complemented each other perfectly. Now, however, I paint full-time.I am most inspired by everyday small and large experiences, by meetings with people and the impressions it leaves behind. I depend on regular walks by the water, where I am inspired by the expanses, colors, sounds and smells. When I travel, I take many photos especially of small details . . I look at my photos and recall moods - and often it is interpreted and translated into a colorful painting.So far, I have made a choice that I primarily convey the positive outlook on life, hopes and opportunities.The pictures are usually large, colorful and abstract or expressive paintings - and for a change, the naïve and happy 3d dance pictures.
I got my artistic education from different courses, including at Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts and through teaching with private Danish artists.

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