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Liana Turnbull Bennett

Liana Turnbull Bennett ©2017

©2017 Liana Turnbull Bennett

Welcome to In Art Studio, where you can buy Innovative landscape nude paintings and wild mixed media Animal Skull Sculptures. Do you love turquoise? I paint huge Gemstone and Turquoise Abstract Paintings and create turquoise horse and Turquoise cross sculptures. All original artwork by Contemporary Artist Liana Turnbull Bennett.

Innovative, Unique and Daring Original Art.

What is innovative, unique and daring art? 
It's 2 layers of canvas that are molded into 3-D sculptural contemporary artwork.
It's paintings that are taken to 90% completion and then cut and layered into 3-D original artwork.
It's recycled plastics that are glued in layers onto canvas and then turned into abstract paintings.
It's mixed media art sculptures created from real animal skulls and clay, and then brought to life with paint.
It's art unlike anything you've ever seen before.