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Heinz Baade

Hamburg, Deutschland
Künstler (Fotografie)
Geboren in unbekanntes datum

About Heinz Baade

Heinz Baade was born in 1958 in a small village in northern Germany. He discovered at an early age, photography and natural sciences as his great passions and preserves both until today.

His keen interest in the preservation of the environment led him to study environmental
engineering sciences and he also built a career in the profession.

Heinz Baade is a autodidact and he looks back on its own 40-year-old photographical
experience. He encapsulates a wide range of subjects using analog cameras as he believes that too much of digital manipulation can rob the "soul" of an image. However, he also has all his photographs digitized, because he came to the realization that the work is too time consuming in a darkroom.

Heinz Baade believes that the magic of a photograph is often reinforced by the reduction
to black & white; he attaches importance to a clear image construction with sharp
contrasts, directness and authenticity.

The nature of his photographic work includes a documentary style on the one side and on the other side an artistic aspect – but he also tries to combine both aspects.

Baade lives in Hamburg.

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