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Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista ©2017

©2017 Glenn Bautista

In time, it became clear that the art of Glenn Bautista is not one for the academically conservative and tradition-bound. Rather, it extends an invitation to the adventurous, being avant-garde in a quite inconspicuous way. More so it has made a lasting mark on figurative art in the country today for it has opened numerous options. It has also engaged in the lively, exciting and highly original synthesis. Bautista, at present devotes much of his time giving free art lessons to children and adults in Paranaque City-Manila/Philippines. Glenn was a nominee for the prestigious 2005 National Artist Award of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts as a result of recommendations received from some civic and religious organizations where he has been involved with who are appreciative of his works and efforts.