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Giovanni Perugini

Alès, France
Artist (Collages, Painting)
Born 1970

Born in 1970, in Italy. My literary studies and a job in a Greek and Roman monuments restoration studio marked my vision on life, and my artistic practice. The ability to see an association among various fragments and to restore their structure seems strongly inspiring of our capacity to create, or find, a meaning.

My tools and techniques include photography, paint, encaustic, metal, wood, plastic, and any element I could use as a support for a fragmented image, and suitable to create new, spontaneous associations with other fragments.

I am interested in the relations that can exist among fragments, the creation of a structure, of new meaning. Transfiguration.

The separation of the relations between elements is as powerful as the creation of new relations. The result is a new object, it is real in its own right. Not a representation.

I am also interested in the structural relations, and meaning, that emerge in the juxtaposition of material, their position, color and texture.

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