FREEDOM - LA LUMIERE (2010) Painting by Chris Roro

Oil on Canvas, 59.8x48 in
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One of a kind
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  • Original Artwork (One Of A Kind) Painting, Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions Height 59.8in, Width 48in
  • Framing This artwork is not framed
  • Categories Paintings under $5,000 Abstract
2010 Oil on canvas 48” X 60” (122 X 152) Prix 1850,00$US About this artwork: Classification, Techniques & Styles Oil Paint consisting of[...]
Oil on canvas
48” X 60” (122 X 152)
Prix 1850,00$US

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Comments by Alain Bouthelou Art Critic about the painting entitled " The mind " : “Approach of a man with a grip, the grip of a wrestler of tormented spirits ... Doesn't this painting remind you[...]

Comments by Alain Bouthelou Art Critic about the painting entitled
" The mind " :
“Approach of a man with a grip, the grip of a wrestler of tormented spirits ... Doesn't this painting remind you of the" Palaver tree "?
This Baobab, majestic, soars in the sky and calls the stars to cut the perishes tormented spirit of the men ... These, granting themselves the strength to constrain the silty nature of the mud which was used to shape the man ... To make do, divine warnings, our spirits are heated in convoluted speeches ... This skein, vacillates, pretending to account for the nature of the emotional ... But where are its roots?
Are they the ones with whom we have to remake our perception of our environment. The urgency emerges in the instability of the staging!
The colors are African lands, warm, silty, filling the space with a firm note. The artist intervenes, to calm, the specific nature of his hidden pigments!
The light highlights the Dantesque musculature of its skeletons of thought.
Thoughts energizing the curvature and intertwining of these warlike pigments!
The structure in itself contains lunar consonances ... In the convolutions, of the spirit, do we not also see arches? Cradles leading the spectator, in a whirlwind, of shattering, generated by the dissuasive peaks, of its horns abundance ... Horns of plenty, placing, the imaginary tusks, on the lookout for our astonishment! Be careful !
This canvas can skewer you, and stretch your brains perhaps in the name of the fight for a pictorial renewal.
If I had to define this canvas, I would say, who is the perfect heiress, of primitive art, for its texture, its song lyricism to describe the subject and avant-garde daring to be able to synthesize everything, without falling into the meanders of art brut ”.

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