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Franz Hümpfner

Artist (Photography, Digital Arts)
Born 1950
Das eine Auge des Fotografen schaut weit geöffnet in den Sucher, das andere geschlossene, in die eigene Seele." (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

Franz Hümpfner is a well-known photographer. He always tries to convey the reality hidden behind the visible world through his photographs. For him, a camera is a tool for his artistic work, similar to how a painter uses brushes and paint to create his works.

He employs both analog and digital techniques. "A photograph requires the feel of paper," he says, adding that "the fleeting representation on the screen cannot convey the sensual quality of a photograph." He also creates Zen or Wabisabi photography, which can express themes such as the beauty, transience, and imperfection of everything that exists particularly well due to its simplicity. He also discussed this type of photography theoretically in his book "Photoartfolio 1 - Wabi Sabi Photography."

According to Franz Hümpfner, "A limited edition print has the same artistic quality as an open edition photograph. A photograph with artificial limitations has the quality of a stock that is speculating on rising value." This is the reason why he offer his photography in an open edition.

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