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Hi Veronique, I have just watched the programme on Irish TV about Glasnevin Cemetery....has to be one of the most emotional programmes I have ever watched...my reason for contacting you is to share my grandfather's relationship with Michael Collins in Frongoch in Wales and after the treaty. Please send me an e mail address that I could reply to you as I think the e mail from me will be quite long...If it is on the net please look at the Irish Press 10/9/1938 when my grandfather died, there is an article titled " He hoisted the flag in 1916 " which is a tributary to my grandfather. Hope you get this e mail and look forward to hearing from you Kieran Eager Dublin

kieran eager Cork, Irlande | 31 août 2015

7,9x15,8 in © par Véronique Crombé
© Véronique Crombé
The Stacks, Duncansby head, Scotland - Peinture, 7,9x15,8 in ©2015 par Véronique Crombé - Figurative, figurative-594, Paysage, Scotland, Ecosse, landscape, paysage, cliffs, falaises, mer, sea, Duncansby Head

Superbe, bonne continuation

Anne Christine Thomas Luxembourg | 16 août 2015

11,4x8,3 in © par Véronique Crombé
© Véronique Crombé
The beach by sunset, Kintra - Peinture, 11,4x8,3 in ©2013 par Véronique Crombé - Scotland, Ecosse, Isle of Mull, Kintra, beach, plage, sea, mer, sunset, coucher de soleil, rowing boat, barque, landscape, paysage


Allegretto CT, États-Unis | 6 nov. 2013