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Salim Mansouria


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À propos de cette œuvre: Classification, Techniques & Styles Peinture La peinture est une forme d'art consistant à peindre sur une surface en y appliquant...
Salim Mansouria
Identification card Name and title: Salim Mansouria Nationality: Algerian Place of residence: Guigba Source: Department of Ras Oyoun Batna State Date: 30/05/2018 Family status:...

Identification card
Name and title: Salim Mansouria
Nationality: Algerian
Place of residence: Guigba

Source: Department of Ras Oyoun Batna State Date: 30/05/2018
Family status: Married

• General Technical Education Certificate: High School of Fine Arts, Batna Branch

• National Certificate of Fine Arts Studies: High School of Fine Arts, Batna Branch
Mansouria Salim Fine Artist and Graphic Designer Multi-talented Person Graduate of the High School of Fine Arts Batna Branch, now Professor at the Center for Vocational Training and Professions
My artistic career in the world of plastic art where I was since the days of primary school I love the formation was the mother was the one who taught me in the art of painting where she was drawing my homework and started in the first steps to the art world and my teacher always tell me you a bright future in the painting.
I developed the talent through one of the teachers of technical education when he noticed that talent that creates in drawing and coloring, from here began the world of painting
To be an artist with his artistic trajectory and his own character, he sailed through the world of painting, which has become in my veins, using water colors, oil, wooden pens and dry
She then graduated from the High School of Fine Arts branch of Batna Optical Contact Jurisdiction
From that time Masari looked artistic, where he began working in the Arabic newspaper Al-Shorouk as a caricaturist and then a young man, then he entered as a professor of art education
For four years I have promised to the youth and sports sector as a cultural activist and now
I have entered the vocational training and qualification sector as a professor in the field of painting and decoration, which I see fit in my work where I find in my work the pleasure and development always in the fields of art
I have also participated in special exhibitions and national and national and received a lot of certificates and awards and obtained the first ranks in international festivals and national competitions
In the field of drawing and design
The artistic movement needs the effort of the brothers and fellow artists in order to keep abreast of the evolution and art is a message through which the artist can discuss and present many issues and visions
A successful artist is a highly experiential artist looking for the development of himself, his abilities and his artistic culture
As well as workshops and workshops provided by technical institutions and the presence of exhibitions and forums and Binali for self-development and thought and exchange of experiences
Finally, we ask the authorities concerned to take care of the artists because they are the mirror of society

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