Sculptures d'Art Brut à vendre

612 Sculptures contemporaines originales à vendre | Art brut Comment définir style Art brut ? The term "Outsider art" in fine art refers to creations made by artists outside the traditional parameters of official culture[...]

612 Sculptures contemporaines originales à vendre | Art brut

Comment définir style Art brut ?

The term "Outsider art" in fine art refers to creations made by artists outside the traditional parameters of official culture or the established art world. The term "Outsider art" was originally used in English in 1972 by art critic Roger Cardinal to refer to the same style of primitive art that the French painter and assemblage artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) had initially described in French as "art brut" (raw art). Jean Dubuffet coined the term "Art Brut" to describe the art he admired created by introverted, imaginative, and isolated individuals.

The English concept of Outsider art is broader and includes works by uneducated, self-taught (naive) artists, those with little or no contact with institutional forms of art, as well as painting and sculpture by asylum inmates; while Dubuffet's concept of Art Brut is largely limited to works by marginalized and maladjusted individuals.

When becoming "artists," Outsider Artists frequently have a revelatory moment similar to a religious calling. Their work often displays a sense of enhanced connectedness within the complex system of universal balance despite the fact that they typically lack professional training in an art institution. These artists possess a keen knowledge of both the powers of light and dark without necessarily having personally experienced tragedy.

Outsider artists may or may not employ materials that are considered to be artistic. Typically, "outsiders" utilize anything they can get their hands on, whether it is mud, blood, crayons, or a plain ink pen, demonstrating an uncommon and robust level of creativity. The urgent drive to create is revealed by the material's immediacy, which also shows that the produced works are far more like extensions of a continuing self-reflective selfhood than distinct artistic creations.

Instead of attempting to identify a common style or ethos in their works, Art Brut and Outsider Art remain names given, not by the artists themselves but by others, frequently posthumously, and primarily to group together artists as functioning outside of any form of art historical tradition.

Outsider Sculpture

Art Brut / Outsider sculpture can come in a variety of shapes and styles, just like painting. Art Brut / Outsider sculptures frequently show the artist's resourcefulness as they make do with whatever found things and materials they can find, such as animal teeth, bones, and pelts discovered in asylum farms, as well as various types of trash like twine, cord, and wire. Outsider artists who create sculpture frequently continue the subject of employing discarded and overlooked materials when working without the restrictions of institutions and conventions. David Kemp, a Cornish artist, creates all of his sculptures entirely out of discarded objects, including dangerous rubbish that has washed ashore. As a result, the finished pieces serve as both a rebuke to a culture of uneducated and selfish consumers and a testimony to outsider artists who consistently put purpose above fashion.

Numerous examples of Outsider Art have appeared at auction and in international exhibitions in recent years, increasing its reputation among collectors and curators. Given its unpolished, democratic roots, outsider art enjoys a broad audience. The artwork not only cuts across genres, but it also acts as a potent mirror of the artist's emotional state and the era in which they lived.

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Sculpture intitulée "OVAL table" par Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
OVAL table - Sculpture, 16,1x33,5x16,1 in ©2022 par Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Abstrait
"OVAL table"

Sculpture - Bois | 16,1x33,5x16,1 in

3 813,82 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Mandoline" par Moris, Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
Mandoline - Sculpture, 31,5x19,7x11,8 in ©2022 par Moris - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Musique

Sculpture - Métaux | 31,5x19,7x11,8 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "Taureau medius" par Bernard Geoffroy, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
Taureau medius - Sculpture, 12,2x20,9x6,3 in ©2022 par Bernard Geoffroy - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Animal, taureau, genévrier, sculpture bois
"Taureau medius"

Sculpture - Bois | 12,2x20,9x6,3 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "Femme artefact (sus…" par Karmax, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
Femme artefact (suspension) - Sculpture, 26,4x7,9x5,9 in ©2022 par Karmax - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, sculpture, femme, ethnique, artefact, masque
"Femme artefact (suspension)"

Sculpture - Bois | 26,4x7,9x5,9 in

1 477,72 $US
Sculpture intitulée "mais ou ai je la tê…" par Laurent Reverchon, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
mais ou ai je la tête ? - Sculpture, 24x5,9x2,4 in ©2021 par Laurent Reverchon - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, sculpture, bois, tilleul
"mais ou ai je la tête ?"

Sculpture - Bois | 24x5,9x2,4 in

1 352,07 $US
Sculpture intitulée "nouka" par Frederic Martin (Freddy.k.nouka), Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
nouka - Sculpture, 24x20,5x10,2 in ©2022 par Frederic Martin (Freddy.k.nouka) - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Danse

Sculpture - Métaux | 24x20,5x10,2 in

2 429,51 $US
Sculpture intitulée "FISH" par Flod, Œuvre d'art originale, Pierre
FISH - Sculpture, 17,7x11,8x5,9 in ©2022 par Flod - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044

Sculpture - Pierre | 17,7x11,8x5,9 in

1 181,95 $US
Sculpture intitulée ""LE TEMPS DES VACHE…" par Pagès Du Pilou, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
"LE TEMPS DES VACHES MAIGRES" - Sculpture, 53,2x74,8x74,8 in ©2022 par Pagès Du Pilou - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Animal, vache

Sculpture - Bois | 53,2x74,8x74,8 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "Totem bleu et jaune" par Armelle Colombier, Œuvre d'art originale, Céramique
Totem bleu et jaune - Sculpture, 14,8x5,5x3,9 in ©2023 par Armelle Colombier - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Afrique, sculpture, totem, art tribal, afrique, raku, ceramique, décoration
"Totem bleu et jaune"

Sculpture - Céramique | 14,8x5,5x3,9 in

264,63 $US
Sculpture intitulée "edge" par Ginaceramic, Œuvre d'art originale, Céramique
edge - Sculpture, 7,9x11,4x0,2 in ©2023 par Ginaceramic - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Abstrait, wild grés, gres, ceramique, fait main, piéce unique, vase

Sculpture - Céramique | 7,9x11,4x0,2 in

570,41 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Gros minet" par Bétina Broussaud, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
Gros minet - Sculpture, 11,8x9,8x7,9 in ©2022 par Bétina Broussaud - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Animal
"Gros minet"

Sculpture - Bois | 11,8x9,8x7,9 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "La Fête au Village" par Jean Duranel, Œuvre d'art originale, Céramique
La Fête au Village - Sculpture, 14,6x10,2x4,7 in ©2022 par Jean Duranel - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Hommes, Homme, Animaux
"La Fête au Village"

Sculpture - Céramique | 14,6x10,2x4,7 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "I just wanna shine" par Tom Sturm, Œuvre d'art originale, Pierre
I just wanna shine - Sculpture, 19,7x7,5x3,4 in ©2023 par Tom Sturm - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Abstrait, humain, homme, femme, briller, sculpture, talent, or, espoir, ronde bosse, tribal, art brut
"I just wanna shine"

Sculpture - Pierre | 19,7x7,5x3,4 in

3 052,19 $US
Sculpture intitulée ""Kuszenie Adama..."" par Alex Johanson, Œuvre d'art originale, Argile
"Kuszenie Adama..." - Sculpture, 23,2x14,6x8,7 in ©2023 par Alex Johanson - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Érotique, alex johanson, zbigniew bury, andrychów, roczyny, roczyny pod górami, art, rzeźba, rzeźba ceramiczna, ceramika artystyczna
""Kuszenie Adama...""

Sculpture - Argile | 23,2x14,6x8,7 in

3 933,91 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Quatres Autruches P…" par Philippe Tallis, Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
Quatres Autruches Portes Ouvertes - Sculpture, 90,6x86,6x66,9 in ©2012 par Philippe Tallis - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Industrie, technologie, industrielle, industrie, civilisation, mythologie industrielle, mythologie fantastique, autruche, faune sauvage industrielle, faune sauvage
"Quatres Autruches Portes Ouvertes"

Sculpture - Métaux | 90,6x86,6x66,9 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "Travail" par Marc Chauvin, Œuvre d'art originale, Pierre
Travail - Sculpture, 15,8x3,9x3,9 in ©2023 par Marc Chauvin - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Hommes, pierre de taille

Sculpture - Pierre | 15,8x3,9x3,9 in

1 749,02 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Guerrier Massaï" par Pacom, Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
Guerrier Massaï - Sculpture, 19,7x5,9x5,9 in ©2022 par Pacom - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Afrique, Metal, Sculpture, Afrique
"Guerrier Massaï"

Sculpture - Métaux | 19,7x5,9x5,9 in

2 101,49 $US
1 879,11 $US
Sculpture intitulée "A avó toma 17 compr…" par Hugo Castilho, Œuvre d'art originale, Plâtre Monté sur Châssis en bois
A avó toma 17 comprimidos por dia - Sculpture, 15,8x15,8x2 in ©2022 par Hugo Castilho - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Scène de genre, idosa, idoso, surreal, realismo, escultura, comprimidos, medicamentos, mãos, vida real, retrato, hands, pills, família, branco, colorido, expressinismo, clássico
"A avó toma 17 comprimidos por dia"

Sculpture - Plâtre | 15,8x15,8x2 in

1 594,47 $US
Sculpture intitulée "La Cérébrale" par Karine Krynicki, Œuvre d'art originale, Papier Monté sur Châssis en bois
La Cérébrale - Sculpture, 25,6x15,8x4,7 in ©2023 par Karine Krynicki - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Femmes, art singulier, bas-relief, charge mentale, sculpture papier
"La Cérébrale"

Sculpture - Papier | 25,6x15,8x4,7 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "KEsso" par Rikenrob'S, Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
KEsso - Sculpture, 14,2x8,3x3,9 in ©2022 par Rikenrob'S - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Voiture, Elf, Shell, Oil, Huile, Compression, Esso, Or, Essolube, Automobilia, garage, vintage, rouge

Sculpture - Métaux | 14,2x8,3x3,9 in

1 106,34 $US
Sculpture intitulée "TROIS" par Corol, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
TROIS - Sculpture, 17,7x43,3x9,8 in ©2022 par Corol - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Nature, oeuvre d'art ébène brut, coraux, gorgones, ornemental, décoration, cadeau, insolite, intemporel, nature, mer, océan

Sculpture - Bois | 17,7x43,3x9,8 in

3 843,85 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Necromancer's throne" par Serendipity Liche, Œuvre d'art originale, Os
Necromancer's throne - Sculpture, 5,1x4,7x2,8 in ©2023 par Serendipity Liche - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Dark-Fantasy, os, bone, throne, trône, necromancer, nécromancien, nécromancienne
"Necromancer's throne"

Sculpture - Os | 5,1x4,7x2,8 in

259,07 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Danse" par Laurent Malouvet, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
Danse - Sculpture, 23,6x15,8x7,9 in ©2023 par Laurent Malouvet - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044

Sculpture - Bois | 23,6x15,8x7,9 in

525,93 $US
Sculpture intitulée "lii-no" par Stéphanie Mélusine, Œuvre d'art originale, Argile
lii-no - Sculpture, 18,5x7,9x7,9 in ©2018 par Stéphanie Mélusine - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Amour, homme, terre, cuite, mytomogie, genre

Sculpture - Argile | 18,5x7,9x7,9 in

1 823,52 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Totem VIII" par Thierry Corpet (Raymond X), Œuvre d'art originale, Acrylique
Totem VIII - Sculpture, 33,9x9,8x8,7 in ©2022 par Thierry Corpet (Raymond X) - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Géométrique, amour, bleu, brut, fun, totem, guerrier, vert, beige, noir, afrique, espoir, écologie, personnage, corpet, assemblage
"Totem VIII"

Sculpture - Acrylique | 33,9x9,8x8,7 in

1 690,52 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Ressources  (Réf :…" par Sylvie Loudieres, Œuvre d'art originale, Carton Monté sur Carton
Ressources (Réf : JC20) - Sculpture, 37,4x9,5x2,8 in ©2022 par Sylvie Loudieres - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Abstrait, ressource naturelle, sylvie loudieres, artiste aurillac, sculpture carton, atelier artiste, art cantal, art de recycler, artiste auvergne rhone alpes, upcycling, upcycling art, oeuvre en carton
"Ressources (Réf : JC20)"

Sculpture - Carton | 37,4x9,5x2,8 in

1 882,45 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Sein ,mère nourrici…" par Karen Ossona, Œuvre d'art originale, Résine Monté sur Châssis en bois
Sein ,mère nourricière - Sculpture, 26,8x22,4x2,4 in ©2023 par Karen Ossona - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Féminin
"Sein ,mère nourricière"

Sculpture - Résine | 26,8x22,4x2,4 in

1 504,4 $US
Sculpture intitulée "HORSE" par Jean Claude Causse, Œuvre d'art originale, Métaux
HORSE - Sculpture, 27,2x7,9x7,9 in ©2007 par Jean Claude Causse - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Cheval, horse, cheval, caballo, cavallo

Sculpture - Métaux | 27,2x7,9x7,9 in

2 219,36 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Masque N°: 008" par Hakan Portakal, Œuvre d'art originale, Argile
Masque N°: 008 - Sculpture, 6,7x5,5x3,2 in ©2023 par Hakan Portakal - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Hommes
"Masque N°: 008"

Sculpture - Argile | 6,7x5,5x3,2 in

2 571,83 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Le petit déplumé" par Nancy Cardinal, Œuvre d'art originale, Papier mâché
Le petit déplumé - Sculpture, 3,9x7,9x3,9 in ©2023 par Nancy Cardinal - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Oiseau, art singulier, crâne, sculpture suspendue, papier mâché, oiseau
"Le petit déplumé"

Sculpture - Papier mâché | 3,9x7,9x3,9 in

Sur demande
Sculpture intitulée "Éléphant Ébène" par Marc Rolly, Œuvre d'art originale, Bois
Éléphant Ébène - Sculpture, 19,7x13,8x5,9 in ©2022 par Marc Rolly - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Couleur, ébène, elephant, masque africain, gabon
"Éléphant Ébène"

Sculpture - Bois | 19,7x13,8x5,9 in

4 686,67 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Forest Mask" par Chiron Deal, Œuvre d'art originale, Marqueur
Forest Mask - Sculpture, 24,8x7,1x7,1 in ©2022 par Chiron Deal - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Afrique, masque, art africain, afrique
"Forest Mask"

Sculpture - Marqueur | 24,8x7,1x7,1 in

4 194,09 $US
Sculpture intitulée "corps en fusion" par Étienne Dupé, Œuvre d'art originale, Aluminium
corps en fusion - Sculpture, 12,6x5,9x2 in ©2023 par Étienne Dupé - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Amour, sculpture, bois, pigments
"corps en fusion"

Sculpture - Aluminium | 12,6x5,9x2 in

181,24 $US
Sculpture intitulée "An outside view" par Natalia Simakova, Œuvre d'art originale, Fil de fer
An outside view - Sculpture, 23,6x17,7x5,9 in ©2022 par Natalia Simakova - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Amour, decor, sculpture, art, contemporary, naive, face, sight, 3d
"An outside view"

Sculpture - Fil de fer | 23,6x17,7x5,9 in

1 972 $US
Sculpture intitulée "FANTASTIK MODEL" par Ertuğrul Yeşil, Œuvre d'art originale, Acrylique
FANTASTIK MODEL - Sculpture, 11,8x2x1,2 in ©2022 par Ertuğrul Yeşil - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Afrique

Sculpture - Acrylique | 11,8x2x1,2 in

257,96 $US
Sculpture intitulée "Kilim" par Céline Sicard, Œuvre d'art originale, Céramique
Kilim - Sculpture, 13,8x11,8x2,4 in ©2023 par Céline Sicard - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Animal, masque, vannerie, cornes, visage, tete

Sculpture - Céramique | 13,8x11,8x2,4 in

907,31 $US


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