Paulin Nikolli

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Nice, France


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Nice, France

Membre depuis 17 sept. 2006
Dernière mise à jour: 28 mars 2021

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French painter from Albania, lives and works in Nice (France). His style of work can be sent to the school of Art Brut or Outsider Art. The painter’s atelier is in the old town of Nice (Vieux-Nice) where the many art-galleries of city are situated. A lot of Nikolli’s paintings are presented in private collections around the world - France, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Russia as well as at artist exhibits in Paris, Rouen, Tour, Avignon,Turin, Milano and Nice. 

One of the greatest artist’s performance was in October 2009: hi was included into the list of the best painters of Cote-d’Azur school (L’ecole de Nice), well-known in a collectors’ circles. And moreover, all of his paintings had been presented at the collectors’ auction were sold. 

After be choosing in 2014 by journalists from The New York Times for his video guide about Nice, the name Nikolli is known for all sides of the planet.

In 2015 Paulin Nikolli was invited to expose his big paintings in famous Ferrero Gallery (Nice). 

And after that, in October 2015 Nikolli participated the International Art Fair in Paris and took the First Prize in paintings of Art Freedom in Pierre Cardin Espace. Than the big hotel's chaine Mandarin Oriental invite Artist Nikolli to be exposed in the Hotel Mandarin Oriental***** in Geneva (Switzerland).

Far away from the commercial cercle and another groups Paulin Nikolli became famous like an authentic artist from The French Riviera.