Michel Gautier

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Val-David, Québec, Canada


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Québec, Canada

Membre depuis 12 déc. 2001
Dernière mise à jour: 25 avr. 2021

I am a migrant artist with a soul moved by many cultures, I explore places where roots and belongings come together and merge.

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1981 to 1985 - Michel Gautier studied graphic design in Paris, then joined the SCOOP communications agency at an intensely exciting time when computer design was revolutionizing the world of images. At this time, he was also creating his first pictorial works.


1986 to 1991 - He moved to the Caribbean, first to Guadeloupe where he created the Baracuda studio, then to Martinique where he was partner and artistic director of the Outremer communications agency. 

1991 to 2004 - He transplants his life to the Indian Ocean, ‘’île de la Réunion’’where he set up Joli-Good, a company specializing in decor and decoration for communications events. He was also commissioned to create large-scale frescoes that were incorporated into the architecture of seven institutional buildings. In 1992 he undertakes his first sculptures. The list of exhibitions is growing. «À chacun son paysage»( "To each a landscape") at Christine Marie Gallery is his first involvement in Montreal in 1994.

2004 to 2018 - After travelling to Québec several times for exhibitions, Michel Gautier and his family decided to settle there. In September 2016, an exhibition held at the Centre d’Art Diane Dufresne in Repentigny, “Il était une FOI,” celebrated thirty-three years of his artistic creation. 

His work has been featured in more than 150 exhibitions in: Canada, United States, Cuba, Japan, China, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovekia, Check Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Uruguay

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Certification 2019: 1 100,00 € (1 336,06 $US)
La certification a été établie par Jacques-Armand Akoun le 7 juin 2019.


Michel Gautier

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Expositions collectives

2021 AMATERAS SOFIA Paper Art Fest, Bulgarie

2021 AMATERAS SOFIA Paper Art Fest, Bulgarie

2021 Origins & destinations Capellades Paper Mill Museum, Espagne

2021 Origins & destinations The Paper Academy, Gilleleje, Danemark, Danemark

Collections permanentes

2021 Musée de Charmey Charmey, Suisse

2020 China Printmaking Museum Guanlan, Shenzhen, Chine

2019 Fengxian Museum Shanghai, Chine

2014 Musée Pierre Boucher Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

2009 Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec Montréal, Québec, Canada