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39,4x27,6 in ©2019 par Jaiodesign
"The Bride" - Collages, 39,4x27,6 in ©2019 par Jaiodesign - Abstract, abstract-570, Art abstrait, abstract, klimt, hundertwasser, acrylic, decoration, painting

"The Bride"
39,4x27,6 in ©2019 par Jaiodesign. "The Bride" It´s part of my series "Hommage to Klimt/Hundertwasser". As I really like these painters I decided to create some artworks as a hommage to both painters. * Mixed media, collage, acrylic on canvas paper by Jaio Dos Anjos - 2019 100 x 70 cm You like to give my art a new home? - please contact me If You like my art - PLEASE send me comments about Your impressions and SHARE with Your friends All of my paintings at my homepage JaioDesign or Facebook: JaioDesign Instagram: jaiodesign.abstractart

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