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9,5x7,9x0,8 in ©2019 par Vsevolod Chistiakov
Gold of Autumn - Painting, 9,5x7,9x0,8 in ©2019 par Vsevolod Chistiakov - Figurative, figurative-594, Saisons, Temps, Nature, La vie rurale, Famille, oil painting on cancas, landscape, plienair art, home decor, artwork decoration, realistic artwork, realism oil painting, gift fir her, autumn art, autumn, gold

Gold of Autumn
9,5x7,9x0,8 in ©2019 par Vsevolod Chistiakov. Size 24*20 cm My paintings capture a moment in time: the city in motion, a playful ray of light on a luscious bouquet, a feeling on a rainy day… Everything is in a constant state of change, and nothing is ever exactly the same as it was a few seconds ago, and my work seeks to communicate my mood, my vision, my perception of my surroundings in that one unique moment. My medium of choice is oil on canvas, but I often incorporate watercolors, pastels, charcoal, and pencils into my artwork. I specialize in painting nature, flowers, still life, and city life, but will occasionally work on portraits. Paintings are typically available as a single original work and are signed by me to ensure authenticity. I am able to create second and third copies upon request, but only with the consent of the original owner. Reproductions take 7 business days to complete. I am happy to work on a custom order with you, just send me a message with your ideas to get started! Paintings available as canvas only or pre-stretched on a sub-frame. Please note that this affects pricing and shipping costs. All paintings are available in custom sizes. Contact me for more information. Buying from overseas? No problem! All paintings come with necessary documentation for export. Thank you for visiting the store Chistiakov Art

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