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29,5x74,8 in © par Aviation Art Gikosh
Kingfisher XVIII - Design, 29,5x74,8 in ©2018 par Aviation Art Gikosh - Aluminium, Bois, Avion, aviationart, airplaneart, aviation, airplane, furniture, aviationfurniture, airplanefurniture, officedesk, design, upcycle

Kingfisher XVIII
29,5x74,8 in © par Aviation Art Gikosh. Office desk made from the tail wing of an original airplane, Cessna 310. Attached to the wing is a supporting leg from an original airplane landing gear and wheel. Mahogany wood details with a rustic mirror polish. Tail wing number of Cessna: 5Y-LAV Kajiado Collection 1 of 2

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