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Stanislav Bojankov Artiste

J'ai accès au marché international et c'est très important pour moi et pour promouvoir mon travail.

Interview réalisée le 13 avr. 2017

It was a nice sale. I am very glad about this sale.I used my PayPal account to receive my money. I spend an hour in a day inside Artmajeur. Everything works fine and I am happy working inside. Actually, I already recommended Artmajeur to some of my friends a year or two ago. I feel this international dimension in the type of contacts on the site. I access to the international market and it is very important for me and my promotion. I think the direct relationship is very important to me and my promotion in the site and to the next relationships with the same collectors for the future sales and contacts. I think Artmajeur presents more of the best practices to sell and promote art on the internet.

~ Stanislav Bojankov

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Ils ont vendu sur Artmajeur: Stanislav Bojankov

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