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I find the Artmajeur system absolutely brilliant!

Interview réalisée le 5 mars 2017

I am always very pleased when I manage to sell drawings or paintings on Artmajeur! The customers and collectors pay by sending the money for the piece of art they have chosen to the account specified on my profile with Artmajeur. If the painting or drawing is still available I confirm receipt of the payment and do my best to send the painting to the given address within four days. I send every parcel carefully wrapped and insured. I also ask the customer or collector to confirm that they have received their painting in good order and on time.   


Every week I post 1 to 4 paintings or drawings onto my profile in Artmajeur. I spend about 2 to 4 hours a week with that.

I find the Artmajeur system absolutely brilliant! Artmajeur efficiently and punctually informs artists and the market about every activity and movement on an artist’s webpage. My expectations of an internet gallery have been completely fulfilled. I would definitely recommend Artmajeur to my friends –artists, but also art collectors.  


I am very well aware of the great radius which Artmajeur fills on the international scene. The increasing potential of Artmajeur is fantastic and I personally wish you much further success. International cooperation, prestige, and impact are of fundamental importance to every artist and cannot be ignored in today’s world. Today it is scarcely possible for an artist to function without connecting with the world of art galleries and collectors on the widest possible scale.


The majority of art lovers and collectors are naturally also interested in the price of the piece of art they want to purchase. The lowest price within the scope of global art galleries also plays an important role. A collector may like to buy the work of art he fancies, but cannot come to the artist’s studio in person. But can exploit the possibility of purchasing the painting and drawings through the Artmajeur Gallery for a great price and also with the guarantee of a renowned global gallery. It greatly depends on the opinions and references about each particular artist. If the references have been positive the customer is not afraid to invest in a work of art that has some perspective.


My advice: All sales over the internet are a great risk, but if the customer checks the references on the selling artist he can see for himself if the artist can be trusted. If there are many satisfied customers, the customer or the art collector should not be afraid and feel secure to buy the drawings and paintings. The parcels are insured and neither the artist nor the customer can lose any money. In my particular case, everything went always smoothly and right on time and the customers and collectors are now repeatedly buying new paintings and drawings.

~ Jiri Havlik

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Ils ont vendu sur Artmajeur: Jiri Havlik

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