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Artist needs a platform like Artmajeur who gives them the path to explore more with the world

Interview réalisée le 25 oct. 2017

My first sale with Artmajeur was really great. It was really hassle free and fast and i can't believe i don't have to pay commission here. I used PayPal for transactions. I used billing system offered by Artmajeur. 

I have just started with Artmajeur and believe me i have spent very less time can say only 3-4 hours a day but after get my first sale i would definitely will spend more time with Artmajeur now. They really doing great marketing. 

I love the professional look of my shop. They do offer so many options for an Artist to make their life so easy to this online world. Great options for promotions. And i would definitely recommend Artmajeur to a friend. 

International clients are very important for me to give more exposure to my work and Artmajeur have wide access with international collectors. I am really happy that i got my first order from France. It feels really great. Artmajeur sets me direct connection with the buyers and shows my work worldwide. 

Direct connection with buyer is very very important for an Artist and for the buyer too. As if they have any doubt or query during an order they can clear. I feel customers are more satisfied if they have direct connection with the Artist. They can connect directly and put up questions. 

The Artists goal is to exposure of their work. I feel marketing is very important role to get an exposure for an Artist's work. And Artist needs a platform like Artmajeur who gives them the path to explore more with the world even without spending much time and giving more time for creating great work. 

~ poonam choudhary

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Ils ont vendu sur Artmajeur: poonam choudhary

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