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Jakub Jecminek Artiste

it is very important to have open doors to the rest of the world

Interview réalisée le 13 sept. 2017

Sale was very simple and clear. I have received money by PayPal. The Order and billing system of Artmajeur is very useful. First time gallery informs artist that some buyer is interrested in purchasing. This is superb, because there is the possibility to check informations about painting and eventually to update them and be in contact with customer before transaction.

I spend with administering of my profile and posting paintings about 4 hours per week. And much more time with discovering of new amazing works from colleagues. System is very coherent and clear. I tried to use other online galleries and Artmajeur became no. 1 for me. Your service for artists - possibilities of promoting, publishing with your partners and artist value certification = great! I like, that Artmajeur is not only about salling, it is really „online gallery“, where customers can discover contemporary art and artists can meet each others. Very interresting is to see statisticks, how often is displayed which picture. Sometimes I am surprised. Artmajeur is still evolving for the better and the artist can feel more and more personal contact. Thank you very much for that and I wish you a successful further development and many satisfied artists with success thanks to Artmajeur.

 Czech Republic is very small country and it is very important to have open doors to the rest of the world. Other artists from around the world are posting encouraging comments and interresting insights. It is beneficial. We are still in contact.

I did not try option of „price on request“ yet. But I will try it soon. For the time being I cooperated with Mr. Akoun on pricing my works.

I think, that it could be better if there will be possibility to attach more that 3 preview images. It is important to see maximum details and every side of work for customer buying in the internet. Otherwise I think the system is safe for both artists and collectors

~ Jakub Jecminek

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Ils ont vendu sur Artmajeur: Jakub Jecminek

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