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Je peux évaluer le rayonnement international de mon art grâce aux remarques et commentaires faits par les personnes qui me suivent.

Interview réalisée le 27 avr. 2017

This sale of two paintings went very well. Paid instantly with PayPal using Artmajeur’s billing system. Didn’t nee to verify the buyers reliability as she had already paid and had a previous purchase form this buyer.

Usually spend 2-3 hours per week updating my galleries on Artmajeur reviewing statistics and adding paintings. Easy to manage galleries and messages and would recommend Artmajeur to anyone starting to do online selling..

The international dimension of Artmajeur is important as I can evaluate the international appeal of my art thro feedback and comments made by followers.

Many customers enjoy direct communication with the artist during a purchase and are welcome to do so with me. I offer some insight into the creation of a piece which can connect the buyer more with the painting. I feel that customers appreciate this contact and can result in further sales.

Selling and buying on the internet can be a risk.  As a seller, always ensure that payment is secure and cleared before mailing a painting. A secure billing system such as Artmajeurs is good practice to follow.


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Ils ont vendu sur Artmajeur: BILL O'BRIEN

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