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ak-1 | 18 mai 2010

magnifique; je suis vraiment en admiration.......... autant les dessins que les collages!. parole d'une ex collagiste reconvertie à la palette graphique !...

Martine RICHARD France | 10 nov. 2006

Ton site est dans mes favoris. A mes moments perdus, j'en admire et en lis le contenu.

Jacques (Vincimild) Belgique | 24 sept. 2006

eh !! oui je suis venue en visite ! je reviendrai car il me semble qu'il y a plein de choses à voir ...bises Marie

Marie Chevalier France | 27 juil. 2006

Here I am,very beautiful paintings,specially Dinomania 5,ciao

ummagumma Italie | 4 juil. 2006

Hi Alain..Check out this link eurogallery-dot-aic-club-dot-com--

Ruby Flower Panama | 22 mai 2006

Nice site ;)

andy-2 Albanie | 18 janv. 2006

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stonehong Suisse | 18 sept. 2005

J'aime - pour vous dans le

Claude Geudevert Chatelet, Belgique | 10 juil. 2005

Dear Alain,A year ago I knew so litle! Today I'm very proud of being your friend. Generosity and loyalty are so rares!!! Life bless ou friendship that I hope will last forever ;0)

Ana Isabel Luxembourg | 5 avr. 2005

Alain,I am more than impressed for the quality and originality of your eclectic Art!You are a very humble artist who I am very pleased to have known. Take care and please keep doing so beatiful things;All the best,Ana Isabel

Ana Isabel Luxembourg | 5 avr. 2004

Alain, many thanks for sharing your beautiful work in the newsletter. I am so enjoying having it arrive in my mailbox. See you soon in our journeys. Zoe

zoe-1 | 26 oct. 2003

As I may have told you privately,I really admire your work. I especially enjoy the marbling effectsand the whimsical drawings you add.I find your work most inspiring anddon't be surprised if you don't havean influence on my own work.I believe that the more we are exposedto the works of our fellow artists, thewider and higher our own horizons become.Sincerely,Elisabeth Holmes

Elisabeth Holmes | 11 août 2003

thank you for such a colourful inspired journey.I thoroughly enjoyed it.Warm regards cheri

cheri | 8 août 2003

I love the style of your china ink paintings, so much more to see than at first glance. I really like Dinomania.thanks,Glenda

glenda-1 | 31 juil. 2003