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Whispers of a Forest 15 Images

A collection of macro photographs, all taken in the last couple of years, walking through forests in Istria, Croatia.

Fragile 6 Images

Fragile series is my representation of a brief moment in time. As a tiny feather landed on my table, it moved through the air and droplets of water until it flew away, without intervention - only observation. Its reflection danced between air and droplets of water until the wind blew it away, leaving only the memory of a short moment filled with casual beauty, so often overseen by the rush and adrenaline of our time.

Dreamscapes 12 Images

Dreamscapes series is my personal representation of Hypnagogia, the state between sleep and wakefulness, in which, by experiencing different layers of consciousness we travel through the process of walking up. All of the photographs in the series have been created by using the in-camera double exposure technique. Our mind tells a special story every night, and though we do not remember all of it, fractions remain, along with shapes and feelings accompanying us in this personal imaginary world....