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Erna Y - ( Erna Antunes )

Erna Y - ( Erna Antunes ) ©2017

©2017 Erna Y - ( Erna Antunes )

A Special Tribute in the International Day of
Woman to Erna Antunes, who left for today to a New World of Arts!
Thanks for your special touches!
Eternally Our Affection!

Erna Antunes, artist creator and founder of the Winter Festival Ouro Preto and Mariana, a Yugoslavian artist , naturalized Brazilian , died on March. 8 due to natural causes at her home in Rio de Janeiro .
The artist attended the School of Fine Arts in Graz, Vienna, Austria , and was
an international exhibitor, with holdings in Yugoslavia , Portugal , Japan , Australia, USA , Germany , UK and Brazil .
In addition, she was a student of Ziskovic in Austria, and organized numerous art shows throughout the Brazilian territory.

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