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Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born unknown date

ERIC C. KEAST - Painter and Sculptor

I grew up in Northern Ontario; mostly Red Lake. Self-taught as an artist, but familiar with the "woodlans" school of art (initiated by Norval Morrisseau)in the home and community as a major influence.

I studied local Archaeology and Rock Art as a university studen; was a field crew member at Rushing River Provincial Park excavation, field crew supervisor for excavation in Nestor Falls and supervisor for three field seasons with the Ontario Rock Art Conservation Association on the White-Otter Lake/Turtle River sytem and the Brightsands River System.

Spent eleven years in Minneapolis developing my style and breadth of life- experience: theatre, puppet and mask building, storytelling and metalwork (Anurag Foundry and Studio).

My main website is

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