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Zaur Fikret

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V.Zaur Fikret, was born in Baku city, Azerbaijan. He is a self thought artist. His interest to art started at his early ages. He started to paint at his 5. Even at the school years he joined many art competitions and got lots of appreciations from the art lovers. His first art exhibition was at his 8 in Baku. After university education he continued his professional career as a lawyer but never stopped painting. The art turned into a great passion in his life which leads to creating beautiful art pieces. He developed his own techniques for the years of hard work. Beside oil techniques he also developed coffee art techniques as well. He created dozens of oil paintings and coffee paintings and some of them are in private collections. His art works exhibited in many exhibitions including in art galleries. His color techniques and randomness dominates in his paintings which help to release the real beauty. Cold and warm colors will let you enjoy the passion of his art.

Contact Tel: +99450 275 18 99