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While waiting for my horse. (2018)

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©2018 by Zaur Fikret
Baku city - Photography ©2018 by Zaur Fikret - old town in Baku, icheri sheher, Zaur Fikret, Baku city, Qosha qala, World Travel, Travel photography
© by Zaur Fikret
dsc-0850.jpg - Photography ©2018 by Zaur Fikret -
©2018 by Zaur Fikret
Old town in Baku city - Photography ©2018 by Zaur Fikret - Old town, Baku city, Azerbaijan, Zaur Fikret, Travel photography, Qosha qala, awesome cities, history photography, icheri sheher, world travel
©2018 by Zaur Fikret
What's going on in this crazy world? - Photography ©2018 by Zaur Fikret - Kids, Kids, photography, art, artist, lifestyle
©2016 by Zaur Fikret
Sketch book-Zagreb - Photography ©2016 by Zaur Fikret - Travel book, sketch book, Zagreb, Zaur Fikret, Watercolor, travel art, art, artists, watercolorpainting, urban sketch, city painting, street art, city sketch, beautiful mood
©2018 by Zaur Fikret
The old city in Geneva - Photography ©2018 by Zaur Fikret - #GENEVA, #Switzerland, #old city

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