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Photography, Painting, Digital Arts ... 27 Followers Member since 2004
United States

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Love to hear the stories behind your art pieces and your photos are stunning.

solarbeth New York, United States | Oct 9, 2016

Took the grand tour and I'm amazed at your range of talents. It's very clear that your heart is in everything you do!

Jackson Davis United States | Oct 9, 2016

Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your art.

Deborah Edwards Hamilton Ontario, Canada | Nov 3, 2014

Love your work!

Gina Janke Columbus Ohio, United States | Oct 28, 2014

©2008 by Redreamer
©2008 Redreamer
REDREAMING FROM THE GARDEN - Photography ©2008 by Redreamer - Landscape, mist, trees, photography, redreamer, wendy bandurski-miller

So beautiful!!!

Choko Nakazono Yokohama City Aobaku, Japan | Feb 20, 2014

8x10 in ©2008 by Redreamer
©2008 Redreamer
REDREAMING ALL HALLOWS - Photography, 8x10 in ©2008 by Redreamer - Halloween, all hallows, redreamer, redreaming, wendy bandurski-miller, black cat, pumpkins, harvest, wicca

great pic!!!!

Ulli Heupel Germany | Feb 17, 2014

© by Redreamer
© Redreamer
Redreaming Lightning Strike - Photography ©2014 by Redreamer - Redreamer, lightning, lightning strike, Wendy Bandurski-Miller, Graduation.

Incroyable et splendide bravo

Miodrag Aubertin Flée, côte d'or, France | Feb 13, 2014

© by Redreamer
© Redreamer
Tursiops-aduncus - Photography ©2014 by Redreamer - Redreamer, dolphins, cetaeceans, porpoise, wendy bandurski-miller

un grand bravo, une belle composition !

Maï Laffargue France | Feb 13, 2014

© by Redreamer
© Redreamer
Tursiops-aduncus - Photography ©2014 by Redreamer - Redreamer, dolphins, cetaeceans, porpoise, wendy bandurski-miller

good work...!thanks Redreamer...!

Khadija Sadek Moudafi Germany | Feb 13, 2014

© by Redreamer
© Redreamer
manic mannekins - Photography ©2014 by Redreamer - NY, redreamer, dolls, manic dolls, wendy bandurski-miller

good job

bubon Ukraine | Feb 12, 2014

Thank you Wendy for keeping our eyes open about the beauties of nature. You have a gift and you are not afraid to share it. Keep up the nice work. ;)

Martine Forget Canada | Feb 12, 2014

Thank you for sharing your vision with us by posting your pictures here. Just lovely.

Anne F. Owings Maryland, United States | Feb 12, 2014

© by Redreamer
© Redreamer
red-fox-pose - Photography ©2014 by Redreamer - red fox, red fox pups, cute red fox, wendy bandurski-miller, redreamer, redreaming

Magnifique photographie, excellent travail, un grand bravo également pour votre superbe galerie.

yve's France | Feb 11, 2014

I like the look Wendy. Pretty simple to navigate and streamlined - not confusing - I just wish it wasn't just thumbnail images on the main pages.

Marty United States | Dec 3, 2009

Very nice and easy to navigate. I like your site very much and love your artwork. j

JoanW United States | Dec 3, 2009

Absolutely magic!

Melinda Tupling United States | Dec 3, 2009

a dream within a dream...

Romina Diaz-Brarda Massachusetts, United States | Mar 30, 2007

I love very much your artworks too ! I'm sure that the Goddess is with you when you are painting... Bravo !

Cendrine Rovini France | Dec 13, 2006

HiWendyJus now I am looking your works and site.Exccellent and fantastic paintings.Best luck nd best wishes your art career.

Samiran Sarkar Kolkata, India | Sep 19, 2006

Great site Wendy and so much great work to look at. Look forward to checking in again soon.

Simon Collins Australia | Jun 22, 2006

Un magnifique travailbravo l'artistehenri louette artist

louette France | Apr 23, 2006

You have a marvelous web-site with great art...Congratulaitions,Wendy..

tielemans joost Belgium | Apr 20, 2006

Beautiful site Wendy! Yes you are enjoying a new begining.I can see it in your new work(saw somewhere).It's figurative,and very much excited about its progress.

Ashok Nayak India | Apr 12, 2006


KATHLEEN NEPIA Australia | Apr 10, 2006

Love your site, Wendy. Love your art. The photo of you sitting on the couch in front of one of your paintings is pure art in itself. You have that wonderful look of an artist.

Vivian Panama | Mar 18, 2006

Hi Wendy..great site and great art too!Best Wishes..Terry..

Hounds Art NC, United States | Mar 8, 2006

hello wendy lena here love you paintings a pleasure to look at well done keep up the good work love lena

lena Panama | Jan 29, 2006

WendyI love your positive attitude! You artwork is so free and moving! Great site!

Diana Hume Canada | Nov 2, 2005

Hi Wendy, love your stuff. Great to see you are still inspired. Look forward to seeing some more of your work. Cheers! Andrea

Andrea Keddie Australia | Aug 16, 2005

Hey Wendy, your lil sis Clare here cool website like the piccy's and art work too.Hope to catch up with you soon.Clare

clare gryphon Australia | Aug 10, 2005