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I paint therefore i am... I Redream.

Some images of my work with the hidden paintings within paintings can be seen here

Who am I? My name is Wendy - known as ‘Redreamer’ and i am an artist. Originally born in England, I moved to Australia when i was 8 and lived in Western Australia most of my life. I had the fortune to be an art specialist teacher and also taught circus and permaculture and volunteered saving whales and dolphins through Westwhales a cetaecean stranding group. I came to the US in 2005 for an International Art Exhibition in Connecticut and relocated here to NY 2006 with my boys and married my now husband Patrick and we moved to a 10 acre property in the Finger lakes.

My art is influenced by many things but one particular event stands out clearly. About 25 years ago i was travelling with some other artists down the coast to Torbay on the far southern coast in Western Australia and camped overnight on the beach - an impromptu art excursion and that night witnessed a bioluminescent spawning of plankton. The idea for painting light in the dark came about from that humbling connection to the natural world.

Since then i have worked on the paintings both literal light in the dark and also considering it as a way to look at the larger world. Interestingly my paintings have always had a strong indigenous Australian feel to them and around 15 years ago it was discovered i actually have a direct lineage to Nyungar - which i did not know until my parents began researching the family tree. My father’s side of the family originated in the area that my parents had relocated to with their young family. Coincidence? I think not. It is really a spirit of place - a sense you belong. My father always said he felt like he was home. Now we know why. He was.

My art also reflects a social consciousness i feel is important to talk about as we are all part of the natural world. I use bright colours to represent the joy, beauty and love and also as a way to make the viewer smile and bring happiness redreaming into their lives.

Redreaming…. Is a way of living that encourages you to recreate yourself and your world daily…. To be in your own dreamtime.


love conquers all

Wendy Bandurski-Miller......ReDreamer ...... art from the heArt