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Vincent da Vinci

Digital Arts, Drawing, Painting ... 90 Followers Member since 2016
United Kingdom
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Latest Artworks 40 artworks

Collection des Dernières oeuvres par l'artiste Vincent da Vinci Collection of Latest works by the Artist Vincent da Vinci

Flags of the World 14 artworks

Vincent da Vinci most recent body of work includes "Flags of the World" which communicates with viewers through linguistics, semiotics, and cryptography. The series includes English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and American Flags superimposed with four-letter words of their respective language forming playable word search from A to Z.

Digital Prints: Olympic Games 3 artworks

Collection of Digital Prints inspired by the Olympic Games & Paralympic Games of Rio 2016 & London 2012

Digital Prints: Bee Project 3 artworks

A Collection of Digital Prints inspired by Friends of the Earth (FOTE) for the Bee Project

Digital Prints: Celebrity Stars 2 artworks

A Collection of Celebrity Stars from the Star & Screen of Cinema & Film

Disasters of Wars 9 artworks

Cette collection de travail dépeint les événements de la Première Guerre mondiale (1914-1918) et II (1943-1945) This collection of work depicts the events of the World War I (1914-1918) & II (1943-1945)

War on Terror 9 artworks

Ceci est une collection de travail, décrit les événements qui ont suivi les attentats terroristes de 9/11 à New York, Etats-Unis This is a collection of work, depicts the events following the 9/11 Terrorist attacks in New York, USA

A4 Sketch Monoprints 10 artworks

This is a collection of original, one off Monoprints Sketches on A4 Paper. He has many ideas and concepts, and is exploring them in this collection, such as contrasts between Love & Hate, War & Peace, Rich & Poor, Life and Death etc. He is exploring a different technique by using a technique, to capture his thoughts, more quickly, without going into more detail with his other Ceci est une collection d'origine, un hors Monoprints Sketches sur papier A4. Il a beaucoup d'idées et de concepts, et...