Victoria Wallace

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Peterborough, ON, Canada

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Lovely site to check out. I am greatful to live in a city so supportive and welcoming to art. I am always looking out for new art being made and your site is one of my favourite places to visit

Tyler Swaffield Ontario, Canada | Jan 3, 2017

I like your gallery Chimerade with its dilicious poetic atmosphere. Congratulations

Pierre Fabry France | Nov 4, 2014

Hello , i like +++ your galleries , very good work , very beautiful painting , best wishes for 2014

Lebreton-Hays France | Feb 25, 2014

Fantastica pittura.Victoria is a very interesting artist!With my compliments Luigia

Luigia Poli.Zanetti Italy | Feb 7, 2014

love your work, Victoria. My wife, Melinda and I are in the process of buying art, perhaps I'll be in touch soon!

Christopher Wilton Canada | May 16, 2013

oh! what an amazing work of art u re creating with a unique media. weldone and God bless, will like to talk to u again 2morow

Blacknbold Lagos, Nigeria | Jan 14, 2012

Like your stuff with movement best. I see what you mean about working from photos. Perhaps a collaboration some day ?

Doug Parcels Canada | Oct 11, 2011

Beautiful work Victoria and it is a pleasure to know another encaustic artist. I have been working with Aqwax lately a watersoluble wax paint in a tube! It isn't on the market yet:)!

Verlie Murphy United States | Jul 11, 2011

the most beautiful paintings in the world!!! you have an amazing blessing :)

Celeste | Jun 28, 2011

What a beautiful collection of artworks Victoria! I had no idea that you worked with such diverse media and concepts. LOVE it!

Pegi Eyers Canada | Jun 25, 2011

Your work is outstanding and inspires "just a hobby" artists like myself. Thanks again for sharing your work. Jimi LaLima, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Jimi Lalima United States | Mar 1, 2011

Great web site Victoria - a pleasure to look at!

Gail Nicholson Canada | Feb 19, 2011

... absolutely FABulous work, Vic! Too bad there isn't a scratch-and-sniff option for your beautiful encaustic pieces! :D

Illona Muszynski | Feb 2, 2011

Beautiful website and amazing artwork, Victoria!

Yvonne Guerin Canada | Dec 12, 2010

Great to meet you again Victoria, your work is beautiful! You have a great variety to show and it's nice to see local landmarks.Best of luck to you!!

James Lasenby Canada | Nov 14, 2010

muy bellas tus obras, excelentes cielos FELICITACIONES!!!!

Raquel Sarangello | Nov 6, 2010

I met Victoria during the Kawartha Studio Tour 2010, and I was charmed by both her and her artwork - she is so versatile, and I got excited about art again after a long dry spell in my own creativity. Thank you, Victoria!

Pam French Canada | Sep 28, 2010

it is a pleasure to see your talented works Victoria mom and I just loved to see them again love M.& I

Mitchell And Canada | Aug 31, 2010

I am student of fine arts, here in Paistan. And love to visit 'art webs, my father told me about your web site. Your work is "WoW" Please pray for me also to come true my dream of being painter..... Regards, Saher Naseem Fatimah

Saher Naseem Panama | Aug 11, 2010

Wow, your work is absolutely gorgeous! And you are good at Scrabble too! :)

Charlie Clarke Iran | Jul 2, 2010

Amazing. . .simply amazing

Lin Manlow Peterborough Ontario, Canada | May 18, 2010

Hello Victoria! I just wanted to thankyou SO much for your donation to the KTTC. I WON the fight!! I absoutely love the Blandings, and I looked around to thank you after the silent auction closed, but I couldn't find you. Just wanted you to know how much I loved it!Ali Jackson

Ali Jackson Canada | May 17, 2010

You go girl. Your paintings are excellent!!!

Christine Canada | Mar 25, 2010

Stunning work Miss Victoria - especially that Lightfoot stamp portrait...still loving it! Glad I got it before he did.. lol You are sublimely talented! Char

Char Canada | Mar 24, 2010

Wow, Vicky! Way to go! Of course this is Victor (Roncansvalle) haha...From the Soo! Anyhow, I actually stumbled onto your site and am completely and utterly breathless! Your brush strokes take me back to a better place luv!

Rog...An Victor Domich Canada | Jan 24, 2010

You did a great job with your site - continue to add other details

Marie-Therese Forand Canada | Apr 22, 2009

Beautiful work!!

Christine Canada | Apr 20, 2009

Some people are so talented and gifted. Victoria is indeed both!

Sandy United States | Mar 24, 2009

Painting, encaustic, artwork by Victoria Wallace
©2010 Victoria Wallace
Bear-Bear II - Painting, 5x5 in ©2010 by Victoria Wallace -

belle galerie très diversifiée

Marie Andrée Hembert France | Dec 1, 2015

Painting, acrylic, surrealism, artwork by Victoria Wallace
© Victoria Wallace
Elephantasy - Painting, 1.5x24x24 in ©2014 by Victoria Wallace - Surrealism, surrealism-627

j'aime beaucoup l' originalité de cette toile ! bravo

Marie Andrée Hembert France | Dec 1, 2015