Véronique Besançon

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Montreal, Québec, Canada

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Montreal Québec, Canada

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Sorcière des temps lointains J'ai repris le chemin Je rallume par instinct les secrets de la vie.

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What do we say to each other when we don’t speak?

Ever since childhood, I have been interested in and touched by authenticity. It is that authenticity that I continue to seek out and explore in my paintings.

The blank canvas is my primary source of inspiration; space and time present a range of possibilities. Armed with a palette of paints, pastels, brushes and knives, I let myself go. Freed of my thoughts, I venture an initial attempt; a first sketch. This rudimentary gesture sets the tone for a dialogue between texture and colour. As I play, the subject slowly reveals itself.

Since I play with colours, materials and body language, my vivid dialogue cuts though space freely, sketching rough movements that grow and evolve little by little. Within the rustle of the brushes and rags, the scratching of the knives or even my hands, a story emerges. Contact with the canvas writes a multilayered story of irrepressible strength, of gentleness and of humanity. Spreading to the rhythm of an intimate “pas de deux”, the colours enrich and fill the space. Through digressions an image is created and culminates in the capturing of a moment in time, bearing witness to a brief and elusive event.

Like fleeting reflections engulfed by the daily hustle and bustle of life, short moments inhabited by people and feelings intermingle on the canvas. It becomes a meeting place in time and space where expression is purged of its past meaning so that the visitor can interpret the work with their own personal perspective.


Delacroix, Chagall, Picasso