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Floral Pics LXXXII

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This artwork is part of the gallery Floral Pics.

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Photography , Flower , Landscape , Nature , Kreta , Botanik , Blume


Blumen auf Kreta im November. Blumen auf Kreta im November.

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9.5x7.1 in ©1983 by Ulli Heupel
Portrait P - Painting, 9.5x7.1 in ©1983 by Ulli Heupel - Portraits, Aquarell, Oil Pastel, painting, watercolour, flower, landscape, flame, blue, Ulli Heupel, picture, bild, landschaft, flamme, nightmare, blume, wasserfarben, fa
© by Ulli Heupel
Une visite dans la vieille Corinthe LXII - Photography ©2014 by Ulli Heupel - Classical mythology, Ulli Heupel, Une visite, Corinthe, Greece, Peleponnes, Ancient, Archologie
©2011 by Ulli Heupel
Abandoned Shops XVII - Photography ©2011 by Ulli Heupel - Frankreich, Geschäft, Einsamkeit, Vergänglichkeit
©2011 by Ulli Heupel
Samur IV - Photography ©2011 by Ulli Heupel - UlliHeupel, Samur, Sable sur Sarthe, Chateaubriant, Josselin, Pont Aven, Sizun, St. Mathieu, Normandie, Bretagne, Portrait, Stein, Stone, Skulptur
©2011 by Ulli Heupel
Guimiliau I - Photography ©2011 by Ulli Heupel - UlliHeupel, Normandie, Bretagne, France, Portrait, Stein, Stone, Skulptur, sculpture, Steinmetz, Kirche, Guimiliau
© by Ulli Heupel
Green Diaries I-III Set - Painting ©2013 by Ulli Heupel - Abstract, abstract-570, Green Diaries I-III Set

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