Diane Tremaine

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Beaver Dams, NY, United States

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Your talent is amazing Dave, you really capture human expression and feeling in the different mediums. I can't wait to see it in person.

Sharon Burke United States | Oct 13, 2012

Wow! We are excited to see you new show! You just keep on expanding your repertoire! Congrats!

Rebecca Johnson United States | Aug 27, 2012

hope to see you at the opening I love your work it will be good to see you soon. Hoe you are well

Joni Kehoe Canada | Nov 8, 2010

It was a pleasure to meet you & your wife today at Paradise City. I was 'milling around' the net tonight & thought I'd see if I could let my eyes get another little feast of Temptation. I wish it was up on your site....will you put it up here?

Cathi Wing United States | May 30, 2010

Nice web site.Had the kayak out much?

Jay Voorhees United States | Mar 22, 2010

way to go!

Sark Matossian United States | Dec 27, 2009

What lovely pieces and work, and a lovely display on your website. Nice job to both of you!!! Leona @the B & B

Leona Chereshnoski NY, United States | Feb 5, 2009

Had a great time seeing you at the lake this year. It was great to see you and Diane. Love your website! Look forward to seeing you again soon. Love, Mark Tremaine

Mark Tremaine United States | Sep 2, 2007

Lovely walnut and maple chalices! Can I order one that holds 16 oz? (Does the one on display hold 16?) Beautiful work! Love, Heidi

Heidi United States | Jul 4, 2007

Hi Dave Thanks for adding me to your mailing list. Nice Work!

Brian O'Shea United States | Jun 11, 2007

hey stugatz... nice work. Do you know what that means in Italian, there Mr. Worldly ??( haha ) I have a few of your pieces adorning my home. They are always the topic of conversation.

Bob Rossi United States | May 21, 2007

Cool! Earthy, with organic and classic forms. #15 blows me away! I enjoyed viewing each work. Joe

Joe Goforth United States | May 3, 2007

Dave, your work is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see some of the pieces in person. Great job on the website so far, Dee. Bravo to you both! Love, Joan

Joan Cole CT, United States | Apr 11, 2007