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People, sports, animals and stories captured in unique modern bronze sculptures and interesting paintings.

Presentation & Biography

Born April 2, 1990 in Budapest. He grew up under the art of his father, the academic sculptor Ernő Tóth. As a young child, he was involved in the studio under his feet, and later as a schoolboy he was already actively assisting in modeling and casting him in all known Hungarian sculptures.
In 2008, he graduated from high school, and from 2008 to 2010 he studied biology at the University of Szeged. However, the desire to realize his creative potential was stronger, and so he remained at the university for a few years, this time at the faculty of visual arts and painting to become a professional artist.

Kristóf Tóth is a versatile artist who devotes himself to both painting and sculpture. The painting draws ideas from nature, but it also fascinates physical phenomena, especially the speed it displays in various forms.
The motifs of his sculptural works are even more diverse. Sporting themes dominate, perhaps because he is an active athlete so he can capture moments of sport in all their dynamics and excitement. Whether it is sculpture of a skier, swimmer, swordsmanship, basketball player, skater, cyclist or golf player, we all perceive the dramatic moments of stopping and rewinding into matter.


2017 “Mini Paintings” exhibition, Budapest

2017 Budaörs own exhibition

2017 Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition

2017 Wines Exhibition

2016 Érd Exhibition

2016 Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition

2015 Rust Austria own exhibition

2015 Exhibition called “Door” in Kondor Béla community center

2015 Winter exhibition in Érd

2014 OTP Bank gallery own exhibition

2014 Exhibition called Labyrinth in the city of Szentedre

2014 Sochi olympic art contest #2 prize

2014 Érd gallery winter exhibition

2014 Exhibition called “Confusion” in Kondor Béla community center

2013 “Ezüstgerely” contest #1 prize

2013 Lübeck Germany – Paintings and Sculptures

2012 Volvo Gallery

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