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Longpont Sur Orge, France


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Member since Jul 31, 2006
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I do watercolours and then embroider over them, producing a work of art that transcends feeling of serenity and contemplation.

Presentation & Biography

Ann Dunbar is an award winning artist, born and educated in UK, now living and working in France full time on her art. She has developed an original style and technique through many years of experimentation. She discovered her voice and original expression with the distinctive marrying of two techniques: water colour media on paper together with the enchantment of intricate embroidery, hence adding three dimensional textures and exciting details to her compositions inspired by "la dame nature".

Born in Hampshire, England, Ann was encouraged by her parents and teachers to pursue her artistic ability as young as thirteen. She was offered a place at Art college after her schooling but she was advised by her parents to obtain a teachers diploma, which she finalised in 1975. Also at that time, she won first prize at a competition in London, when she attended West Surrey college of Art from 1975-78. Ann taught in schools and colleges for sixteen years before she worked as an artist in her own right.
Due to her husband's relocation, she moved to Paris, France, making the most of her surroundings and taking part in the famous Parisian salons, where she acquired awards and medals.
Her art has enabled her to travel the world and she enjoys making a body of work inspired by these travels. Visits to Cambodia, Japan, India and China has broadened her usage of materials such as gold leaf, interference medium, metal threads and bolder colours in contrast to the softer backgrounds.

PptART (Italie), Poala Trevisan International Art (Italie),
Shoalhaven Fine Art Gallery. NSW. Australia and
 G&C Gallery,U.K.

Member and sponsor of TAFA listing (Textile and Fibre Arts) based in USA,a World wide listing of artists working with textiles and or fibre.

Artists statement:
The effect of light plays an important role in my creations. The enchantment of stitching embroidery on to painted grounds on paper, is the magic which brings the compositions alive with rich textural details. The translucent, ethereal backgrounds worked in water mediums provides the atmosphere and the ambience to the subject.

 My compositions are a history, a personal response to first-hand experiences of my travels.  I search in nature's intricate forms,unusual colour combinations, fascinating patterns and exciting textures.

My intention is to communicate the aesthetic senses within the hidden, inner world of nature which we rarely have the time to encounter. I want to tap into the inner soul within us which brings out certain emotions, memories, dreams and captured moments of happiness. Other underlying sources of influences are from travel, music, visits to museums and poetry.


Monet, Odile redon, Impressionism, Japanese art


2019-2021 Art at NXtLevel Business Course Chicago (Online), United States
2018-2021 "Working Artist programme",life member, online & videos United States
2018-2019 "Art des Annonces"Coaching France
2018-2019 "How to be a successful artist" e- book & online course Philippines
1975-1978 Arts Degree specialising in Textiles." Batchelor of Arts" Farnham, Southbank University, United Kingdom
1972-1975 Teachers' Diploma. Batchelor of Education London, United Kingdom
Ann Dunbar

The artist at work


2018 Title "Officier" au sein de Mondial Art Academia Paris, France

2017 Médaille d'Argent Arts Science Lettres Paris, France

2017 1er Prix ARTEC Chouzy sur Cisse, France

2017 Next-art-Emotion Ventes aux Enchères Drouot vendu l'oeuvre "Hiding Place Paris, France

2017 Best in Show Medal Artcomexpo Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2016 Palm Art Award Recognition Prize Art Domain Group Germany

2016 Palm Art Award 2nd Chance Germany

2016 Gold Medal Art Shopping Artexpocom Cannes, France

2016 Palma d'Oro di Monaco Artexpo Gallery Monaco, France

2016 Ier Prix au 1er Salon Palette Egly, France

2016 Bronze Award Nordfjordeid, Norway

2015 Rome Imperial Art Prize Art Critic's Prize Rome, Italy

2015 Gold Award Artcomexpo Oslo, Norway

2015 Médaille de Vermeil, Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains Toulon, France

2015 Art Award Achievement Institut des Arts Européen Contemporains Toulon, France

2015 Premio Nature Art & Design, de l'Acccademia Internationale Gentilizia Il Marzocco Florence, Italy

2014 Premio Internationale d'Arte Appollo Prize Lecce, France

2014 Silver Medal award Art Majeur Clapiers, France

2014 Chevalier Académicienne Paris, France

2014 Ier prix d'Aquarelle de la Ville St Marcel St Marcel, France

2014 L'Académie Internationale Greci Marino, section Art Vinzaglio, Italy

2014 Maestro d'Arte, Itala in arte Lecce, Italy

2013 Médaille d'Argent le Mérite et Dévouvement Français Paris, France

2013 Premio del Pubblico Bologna, Italy

2013 Grand Prix de la Ville de Manom Thionville, France

2012 Médaille Assemblée Nationale Prix au 22éme Salon Carrefour des Arts Linas, France

2012 2nd Prize Premio Targa d'Oro Gubbio, Italy

2012 Médaille d'Etain Arts Science Lettres Paris, France

2012 Diplome d'Honneur Amagasaki, Japan

2012 Prix du Jury Paris, France

2010 Diplôme d'Honneur China House Phnom Pen, Cambodia

2010 Michael Angelo Award, Italia in Arte Lecce, Italy

2010 Arts Science Lettres diplôme de Bronze Paris, France

2010 Diplome d'Honneur Paris, France

2009 Mention spéciale pour l'expression de l'astronomie avec son oeuvre Ste Genevieve Des Bois, France

2008 Prix de la Société FEG avec ADAEF d'Aquarelle Paris, France

2008 1er Prix Salon ARTEC Romorantin, France

2008 Médaille d'Or au 38éme salon de l'Académie Européenne des Arts Gembloux, Belgium

2008 Prix Hugette Colonge au 62ème salon du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2008 Diplôme d'Honneur Tamozawa, Japan

2007 Médaille de Vermeil avec mention de l'Académie Internationale de Lutèce Paris, France

2007 Diplôme de Participation Florence Biennale, Italy

2006 Médaille d'Or de l'Académie Internationale de Lutèce Paris, France

2005 Médaille de vermeil avec mention de l'Académie Internationale de Lutèce Paris, France

2005 Prix Spéciale d'arts Appliques l'Académie Internationale de Lutece Paris, France

2003 Prix du Président Pecq, France

2002 Prix du Public Marromme, France

2001 Prix de l'Assemblée Nationale de la Francilienne des Arts Longpont, France

2001 Médaille d'Or de l'Académie Europeenne des Arts-France Paris, France

1999 Prix de la Ville de Maromme Maromme, France

Solo Expositions

2019 Aquarelles Brodées en fête Versailles, France

2019 Threading through France & Beyond Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

2018 Paris & Provence Paris, France

2018 L'âme Romantique Galerie ModernArt, Versailles, France

2018 Entre Rêve et Réalité Bonnebosq, Calvados, Normandy, France

2017 Paysages & Fleurs Aquarelles Brodées Galerie Françval,Arpajon, France

2017 Above & Below Stand at the Karlsrhue Textile Fair, Germany

2017 Broderies sur Papier Galerie artes, Paris, France

2016 L'Arbres en l'Honneur Maison pour Tous,Ollainville, France

2015 Voyages, voyages Galerie Artes,Paris, France

2014 Fleurs & Paysages Chamont, France

2014 Jardins des Rêves, Galerie Artes,Paris, France

2013 Paysages de passion Galerie Artes,Paris, France

2012 Salon Métiers d'art Deauville, France

2012 Personages du Monde Paris, mairie 20ème, France

2011 Provençal Collection at galerie Cak'ts Bourges, France

2011 Aquarelles Brodées Galerie Artligre, Paris, France

2011 l'Harmonie Galerie Françval,Arpajon, France

2010 1er rencontre Franco-Asia Maison Rouge, Phom Phen, Cambodia

2010 East meets West Galerie Françval,Arpajon, France

2010 Sensations Galerie Carré à la Farine, France

2009 La Terre,Le Mer & Le Ciel Salle Culturel Arabe, France

2009 Impressionnisme Contemporain La Petit Galerie, Auvers Sur Oise, France

2009 Esprit de L'Inde Brams Café Galerie, Ville Du Bois, France

2008 Voyages Galerie Arteconte,Paris, France

2008 Les Aquarelles Brodées La Galerie artitude, Paris, France

2006 Aquarelles Brodées Mairie Centre Culurel,Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2006 Aquarelles Brodées Galerie Françval, Arpajon, France

2006 Paysages Anglais Galerie art home, Paris, France

2005 Aquarelle Brodée La Galerie François 1, Aubigny Sur Nère, France

2005 Cousus Mains Fine's Galerie,Paris, France

2005 Aquarelles Brodées Centre Culturel, Combs La Ville, France

2005 Aquarelles Brodées Galerie Françval, Arpajon, France

1999 Art of the Needle & Paint Courtyard Arts, UK, France

1998 Embroidered Watercolours, Fields, Flowers & Forests Galerie Not, London, United Kingdom

1997 I love Paris, Galerie Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom

1996 Threading through the seasons Walter Rothschild Museum, United Kingdom

1996 Embroidered Watercolours Quaker Gallery, United Kingdom

1994 Art of the Needle & Paint Gallery 47, London, United Kingdom

1992 Art of the Needle Bromham Mill Gallery, Bedford, United Kingdom

Collective Expositions

2020 salon des Arts Independents -Art Capital with Trevisan International art Grand Palais, Paris, France

2019 35ème Salon des arts de APSE Epinay Sur Orge, France

2019 154ème salon de la Société Versaillaise Versailles, France

2019 Grange aux Dimes Cambremer, France

2019 57 ème Salon Grand Formats Mennecy, France

2019 Imagina Wine /Cafe Gallery Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

2019 Carrousel du Louvre Art Shopping stand Paris, France

2019 Galerie Povera, Sommieres, France

2019 Art Show Paris, Espace Design Centre Bastille Paris, France

2019 Lions Club International Salon d'Art, Le Raincy, France

2018 28ème salon Carrefour des Arts Linas, France

2018 153ème Salon de Versailles Versailles, France

2018 Midsummer art show Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

2018 Parallax Art Fair,Kensington London, United Kingdom

2018 Travelling Mini art Show Kobern-Gondorf, Germany

2018 Invitee d'Honneur à 21ème Salon ARTEC Chouzy/Cisse, France

2018 11ème Salon de Cercle des Artistes Européens St Mandé, Paris, France

2018 Water for Life International no 1 Niagara Falls Museum,, Ontario, Canada

2018 World of Art & Colour Cologne, Germany

2018 Salon Arts Science Lettres Galerie Thuillier,Paris, France

2018 World of Colour Weissenthurn, Germany

2017 Prefecture of Osasco Osasco,, Brazil

2017 Salon International de AMFI Centre Culturel Nordfjordeid, Norway

2017 Salon International trade show, Artcomexpo Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2017 7ème salon des artistes européen Chateau des Tourelles Plessis Trévise, France

2017 11ème édition Cercle des Artistes européen Centre Culturel Grenada, Spain

2017 Exposition atelier Gladys Ometto à Limera Limera, Brazil

2017 Artec Fête 25ans Chouzy Sur Cisse, France

2017 18ème Rencontres des arts Ollainville, France

2017 71ème Salon du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2017 33ème Salon de APSE Epinay Sur Orge, France

2017 Lions Club Salon d'Art Villemomble/Le Raincy, France

2016 32ème Salon d'Art APSE Epinay Sur Orge, France

2016 8ème salon des printemps Marolles-en-Hurepoix, France

2016 70 ème salon Artistes du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2016 17 ème rencontre des arts Ollainville, France

2016 Musée des Peintres Russe St Petersbourg,, Russia

2016 Salon Centre Culturel Nordjordeid, Norway

2016 Salon International Ambassade de Brazil Oslo, Norway

2016 Triennale de Paris ARTEC Bastille design Centre, Paris, France

2016 Salon International avec Trevisan International Madrid, Spain

2016 Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre avec Galerie Mona Yousef Paris, France

2016 1er Salon "Palette" Egly, France

2016 26ème Salon Carrefour des Arts Linas, France

2016 Art Shopping, Côte d'Azur Cannes, Artcomexpo, France

2016 Salon des Arts au Bog Art Galerie Bruxelles,, Belgium

2016 Lions Club international salon Villemomble/Le Raincy, France

2015 Expo Hiver Foyer Centre Commercial de VDB, France

2015 Lions Club Salon Le Raincy, France

2015 31ème Salon de APSE Epinay Sur Orge, France

2015 La Biennale d'Art sacré Linas, France

2015 69ème Salon des artites du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve Des Bois, France

2015 Works on paper Brick Lane Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2015 Salon Anteres Creativ, Parc des Expo Toulouse, France

2015 Salon Petit Format Galerie art & Miss; Paris, France

2015 Oceans of Oz ( Duo with Olivia Alexander (Aus) Galerie Art & Miss, France

2014 Lions Club Salon artistique Le Raincy, France

2014 Oxford Art Fair, Global art Agency Oxford, United Kingdom

2014 30 ème salon de APSE Epinay Sur Orge, France

2014 Branches d'Art , Galerie Vert Galant Paris, France

2014 SAM Galerie Etienne de Causans Paris, France

2014 68 ème Salon des Artistes du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2014 Salon National Ostrosky International ARTECMusée Moscow, Russia

2014 Aquarelles de Printemps, duo Galerie des Charmilles, France

2014 Salon des arts Automnals Galerie Art & Culture, St Marcel, France

2014 23 ème Salon Carrefour Des arts Linas, France

2014 Expo Au dela du Reel Combs la Ville, France

2013 Salon international Paola Trevisan Pallazo Della Bella, Vico del Gargano, Italy

2013 La biennale d'Art sacré Linas, France

2013 Art &Culture espace Culturel Villiers sur Orge, France

2013 Art & design Salon de Juillet Deauville, France

2013 Salon International ARTEC Arconi del Palazzo, Gubbio, Italy

2013 26ème salon d'Art & artisant Savigny Sur Orge, France

2013 salon ARTEC Salle Royale de la Madeleine, Paris, France

2013 Art Connection Brazil Carrousel du Louvre, France

2013 Little Treasures, Trevisan International Galleria di Marchi, Bologna, Italy

2012 Vente aux Enchères, Drouot Paris, France

2012 Prix du jury et Public Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France

2012 Salon des arts, Hauth design Galerie Guebwiller, France

2012 Femmes Du monde Paris, France

2012 7ème Rencontre International Galleria Espositiva, Gubbio, Italy

2012 66ème salon des artistes du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2012 Retrospective Feminine Art Ligre galerie, Paris, France

2012 Expo Art & design Trouville, Normandy, France

2012 Salon ARTEC Méditation & Lumières Madeleine,Paris, France

2012 Salon D'Art Espace culturel,Ballancourt, France

2012 Salon des petits Formats Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2012 22 ème Salon Carrefour des arts Linas, France

2012 Les Hivernals Palais des Congres, Paris, France

2011 Little Treasures Trevisan International Galleria de Marchi, Italy

2011 Festival d'art Franco-Japonais Moulin Albigois, Albi, France

2011 Biennale d'art Salle de la ferme, Boissy St leger, France

2011 Salon ARTEC Méditation & Lumières Paris, France

2011 21 ème Salon Carrefour des arts Linas, France

2011 Salon du Petit formats Ste Genevieve des Bois, France

2011 150 ème Salon de SNBA Caroussel du louvre, Paris, France

2011 salon d'Art contemporain; Showroom Hauth Guebwiller, France

2011 Prix du Jury, Galere Thuillier Paris, France

2010 5 ème Festival de la lumières, Pagode de Vincennes Paris, France

2010 10ème salon d'Egly Invitée d'Honneur Egly, France

2010 Paysages Salon ARTEC, Office de tourisme Chaumont Sur Loire, France

2010 Salon Artitude,Galerie Marouchini New York, United States

2010 Salon International d'ARTEC Romorantin-Lathenay, France

2010 18 ème Salon international, Chateau de Beavais, France

2010 Salon International ( as part of Expo Universal) Gallerie Fellini, Shanghai, China

2009 19 ème Carrefour des Arts Linas, France

2009 Salon de Petit format Ste Genevieve dexs Bois, France

2009 Imaginary Journeys Poala trevisan international Estence Castle,Florence, Italy

2009 Artitude Business Art, Espace Cardin Paris, France

2009 Salon International Artitude, Galerie Mandi Shanghai, China

2009 Salon ARTEC La Nature Office de Tourisme, Chamont Sur Loire, France

2009 62 ème salon des Artistes du Hurepoix Ste Genevieve des bois, France

2009 Expo Franco-Espagne, invitée d'honneur ARTEC Romorantin- Lanthenay, France

2008 Salon de l'ADEAF Paris, France

2008 Art Vivant Chalons en Champagne, France

2008 La Forêt Salon International ARTEC Centre Culturel des Finances, Paris, France

Permanent Collections

2019 Huawei Project Hong Kong, China

2017 Museum M.O.L.A Paris, France

2017 European Art Museum Frederiksvaerks, Denmark

2013 Art Connection Brazil,Donation Tableau Marie Curie Paris, France

2009 Centre Culturel Arabe Paris, France

2001 Ecole de Paris Japan

2000 Infineum Ltd Abingdon, United Kingdom


2019 Art & Soul residency with Souhier & John Venice, Italy

2018 Percezioni Résidence International , M3 Vieste, Peschici, Italy

2016 Percezioni 8th edition Peschici, Puglia, Italy

2015 Percezioni Worshop San Menaio, Italy

2013 Workshop Percezioni Vico Del Gargano, Italy