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Ann Dunbar

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Painting, Mixed Media 99 Followers Member since 2006
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Normandy landscape 3 Images

North of France is a very picturesque and charming place with lots of historical areas brimming with vestiges of different eras of history. You will be amazed by the undulating valley of what is known as the swiss normand or the valley of "pays d'Auge. There are lots of interesting wooden beamed barns and households with characteristic slate tiled roofs. A well known aspect of Normandy is the acreage of apple orchards and the famous calvados liquor made from apple. April is particulaly beautiful...

Flowers and gardens 3 Images

Flowers are to brighten your day and to bring you everlasting joy with their delicate forms and vibrant or soft colours. the embroidery just makes them real.

Mandalas 10 Images

I have always been fascinated by images within a circular design form, perhaps it is something to do with my textiles design training whereby we carried out exercises to create interesting fabric repeated patterns. A visit to Versailles palace instilled in me a love for baroque, stylized floral motifs and geometric forms, which were to be seen all over the decorative panels on doors, ceilings and furniture or furnishings. The powerful age of the sun king was so much in evidence- his personalize...

OCEANS OF OZ 17 Images

In this gallery I present to you a selection of new works inspired by my trip to Australia last year. I followed the coastline south of Sydney, which I happen to think is the most beautifully preserved coastline I have ever seen. Not only the east coast is represented but also at Freemantle and Perth's port. Within each artwork the viewer can be taken across amazing ocean views and experience the wonder of Australia allowing the imagination to sense the roaring waves or the warmth of the smooth...

Jardins des rêves: At Monet's garden summer 2014 9 Images

A travers mes peintures mélangées de fils colorés,je me suis proche de Monet. La cause est la lumière et des textures qu'il a maîtrisée dans ses oeuvres. Lors d'une visite cet été au jardin de Monet à Giverny, j'ai ressenti un immense bonheur qui m'a inspiré et donné l'idée de créer une nouvelle approche de ma technique. J'ai voulu rendre la nature rêveuse et contemplative. Les plantes et le lac néuphar élévé vers la méditation et les émotions d'un autre monde. Through my painting mixed with...

Provence in summer 11 Images

Ann has not only a way of presenting a lovely painting but possesses the ability to reach into one's soul and awaken our senses, especially the unconscious love of beauty that lies within us. Her unique method of combining embroidered techniques on her water colours on paper took years of study and research. Ann's skill in bringing out the vividness and life-like quality of natural subjects in her water colour is enhanced by the richness of texture and movement of layers and layers of silk threa...