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''I don't want perfection, I want perfection in my mind.''

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Abstract modern artist Thomas Eaton was born in 1951 in South Wales to a family of Irish and Welsh heritage.  Inspired as a teen by mid-century abstract artists such as Kandinsky, Rothko, Malevich, and more recently Christopher Wool, Thomas has been creating art privately since the 1960s and continues to paint to this day.

The artwork here is presented as original pieces, some enhanced with rich gold leaf, some with vibrant colors, some monochrome but occasionally with a touch of extravagant gold. Many of his paintings are held in private collections in the UK and US with only originals available.

A small dedicated team from New York and the UK are working their way through decades of canvasses, restoring where needed and enhancing some to bring them up to date.

Some reminiscent of the past, with abstract textures across decades of work, the era can be seen in the paint itself. The 60s, 1970s, 80s and 90s, he still works to this day using modern techniques and textures.

Don't miss out on your chance to own one of these stunning, unusual, and striking original artworks.


Kandinksy, rothko, christopher wool, malevich, mid century, andy warhol

Thomas Eaton

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